Top WWE Star Asks For Anonymous Letter To Be Posted, Tells Internet To Relax

Posted by Matt Boone February 1, 2014 34 Comments

According to a new report, a top WWE Superstar, who asked to remain anonymous, asked the website to print the following letter in their newsletter:

“Internet is so funny. You all read the sites so you all should know the ‘plans’ for Mania. None of those plans have Bryan in a title match so the internet exploding at the end of the show is beyond laughable. Plus dont hate on Rey, he didn’t book himself as #30. The way most of you were acting the company should have called an audible and put Brooklyn Brawler as #30 just to piss you off even more. over 50,000 mania tix sold and a network that will change your life for ever is about to launch, so just relax and enjoy the product the company gives you. By the way, didn’t you all shit on the wwe for the Sept – Nov ppvs last year and said you were done, but turned around to watch/buy the Rumble? Pittsburgh you were an awesome crowd and it was an honor to be in your building last night”

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    • Undertaker316

      hmmm this seems alot like something john cena would say

      • Lee Macko

        Cena or perhaps Orton.

        • Undertaker316

          nah orton hated that crowd plus orton is probably too arrogant to respond to the iwc

          • Jenn

            Randy Orton used to be allowed to wear his hair in a peach fuzz crew cut and be clean shaven and be a badass and stuff like what and how he was doing things in ’08-09 & some of ’10…..except he’s not doing that stuff anymore nor is he talking like he used to, behaving how he used to, etc….which ABSOLUTELY HELLACIOUSLY, DESTRUCTIVELY ,**&^$#@*** SUCKS LOUSILY!!!!
            I don’t like this fuckin idiocy happening in WWE right now be- cause of the fact that now…..I’m wanting him to be a good guy and return back to being the vulnerable, sweet, good, kind, funny, caring, tough, resilient, strong, intense, passionate badass like he used to be a few years ago….via, how he was at the Oct. 2009 – HIAC- Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View against John Cena!!!! The promo he did and that match he did then…WAS INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC AND…. THE ABSOLUTE FRIGGIN’ BEST!!!!
            All I want is for him to be allowed to go back to looking like and being The Viper …just like how he had in 2008-2009 and some of 2010 (at the right and appropriate time) and for him to be able to look how he has in the new WWE Raw commercial where he’s got his head shaved and he’s clean shaven…and he’s got his hair in a peach fuzz crew cut!!!!
            But there’s a problem in WWE.
            It’s that if he gets more of a push….he ends up having to be a bad guy. Instead of a good guy.
            My opionion probably doesn’t matter but….YES I DO
            LIKE, ADMIRE, LOVE AND ADORE THINGS ABOUT HIM as a person!!!! ALTHOUGH I’ve had other people tell me and ask me about
            things such as:
            “Do you ever talk to Randy Orton?”
            “Have you and Randy Orton ever had a face-to-face conversation together?”
            “Does he write to you or email you or call you on the phone and do you guys talk to each other?”
            Uh, how am I supposed to get him to write me snail mail back if I do write him at the WWE snail mail adress and what am I supposed to talk to him about?
            WHAT I LOVE, MISS, ADMIRE, WANT, CRAVE, CHERISH ABOUT, ADORE & DESIRE, ASPIRE TO BE LIKE……I miss the hell out of Randy Orton talking, looking like , behaving, using his eye contact, facial expressions, body language, etc…like he had in 2008-2009!!!!!!!
            Him not being like that anymore FUCKING SUCKS!!!

            • Honeysuckle Rose

              That’s definitely true! What you are saying about how Randy Orton was and is able to be completely captivatingly fascinating, interesting, cool, and totally amazing!!!!

          • Jenn

            You know….. I can’t help it….I MISS THE ABSOLUTE HELL OUT OF Randy being able to look how he did, behave and be like he was in 2008-2009!!!!!
            Blame it on the fact that he’s INCREDIBLY, ABSOLUTELY ADOREABLE AND COMPLETELY, IRRESISTABLY HANDSOME AND ASTONISHINGLY CUTE AS HELL when he looks and behaves that way!!!!!
            (what can I say…??? I’m extremely partial to him looking that way and being like that)
            I LOVED HIM LIKE THAT !!!
            Besides, Randy Orton NOT looking and being like that anymore is what makes WWE SUCK TREMENDOUSLY SADDENINGLY, SCREWED UP, AWFUL, WORSE THAN DISAPPOINTING, DISSATISFYING AND REPREHENSIBLY!!!!!!

        • The Great One

          Heath Slater. . .

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny agrees “Super” Cena would say that. No wonder it’s anonymous.

    • Bulkster

      Whoever wrote this sounds like they have been following wrestling for 2 weeks. And only as a WWE employee. Talk about out of touch.

      • D

        But it’s true though. Everybody throws up their hands and turns into a drama queen in the forums and message boards and screams “I’m done” like it makes a single iota of difference. It doesn’t. Because you and everyone else knows, you’ll tune back in on Monday like normal. And that’s why Vince and co. are busy laughing at you.

        • Bulkster

          You obviously have never read a transcript of Vince’s phone conference with shareholders. Prior to the WWE Network announcement, I guarantee you there were no LOL’s from Vince and Co.

          • Bulkster’s troll

            We’re all busy laughing at you though.

            • Bulkster

              I’m honored to have my own troll. I’ve finally made it to the top!

            • Bulkster’s troll

              No, you’re the bottom and I’m the top! That reminds me, I’m out of bum lube!!!!

          • Jenn

            I’d rather get to be able to read my first and middle name tattooed on Randy Orton’s forearm. And get into WWE and have 2 Akitas and have him be able and allowed and willing to allow me to be in his life in a positve way….but to also allow me to bring two Akitas…an extremely strong-willed, affectionate, gentle, sweet, playful at times and can be quite jovial even…they are quite an independant-thinking, dominant, protective, territorial breed that absolutely loves and adores the person or persons they bond to and only has eyes for that person or those they bond to. No one else.

            • Bulkster

              Keep shooting for the stars

        • Jenn

          Maybe WWE is supposed to make people laugh at times…and have them be serious at times. As well as to feel sad or feel mad or feel happy or feel good, encouraged, uplifted and enthusiastic at times.

    • DangusHater

      sounds like a dangus. I hate danguses

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Unless the tool has the guts to put his name on it and not hide I give his opinion zero seconds consideration. PUT YOUR NAME ON IT DBAG.

      Also I wouldn’t run your mouth about PPV buys when the place you work at is seeing it’s buy rates fall each and every month.

      • D

        30+ years in the business and the number one in the world. They’re in zero trouble.

      • Tshave

        I see your Jim Rome reference

      • Jenn

        CM Punk and other guys in WWE have been IWC smarks??
        I have a question about that….
        Were they supposed to do that??
        I believe they may sometimes have to. To elicit certain types of responses.
        What I don’t like is that Randy Orton’s twitter site has a pic of John Cena on it when it should have one or more pictures/photos of one Skinhead girl on it instead.

        • Kazike

          hmmmmm….sounds interesting. fascinating and could be extremely cool, though. i’d like to see that.

    • Heel Cena

      Sounds like Dave… most likely him

    • Shane O’Neill

      Lol this is some funny shit, it sounds like orton.

    • Steevon

      People weren’t hating on Rey, they were hating on the WWE. Also tickets for Wrestlemania go on sale months before any match is announced, so selling 50,000 tickets has nothing to do with peoples opinions on the main event. 50,000+ people booing, chanting boring and chanting for Daniel Bryan during the main event will show peoples true opinions. This is unless he wins the elimination Chamber of course

      • Jenn

        There is a problem with how things are in WWE because it becomes more focused on matches than it does about the individual characters and inner qualities of people in WWE.
        That’s a bad thing.

      • D

        Fuck ‘em. They can chant whatever they want because they bought the tickets. Just like I can mute my Tv when they start to get ridiculous.

        • Troy Bennett

          actually wwe has a few security patroling the crowd looking for people with signs wwe doesnt agree with and chanting stuff they dont like. and when they find them they throw them out no refund nothing. this is why i dont buy wwe dvds i dont buy wwe ppvs but i will get wwe network bc paying less than a dollar for a ppv is alot smarter than $50+ for a single ppv thats at best a c rated program.

    • Glen

      Batista said that. Probably butt hurt he got booed out of the building for winning the Rumble.

    • Liana Taylor

      Kevin Nash for sure.

    • brian

      cm punk I want to challenge a match either on raw or wrestlemania I get tired of ou crying like a baby and if you touch enough fight me

    • rog

      So the guy has no guts to sign his name and thinks he can say shit to the fans. Buy rstes are dropping and Bryan and Punk are major reason the sales keep in some what of a profit. Wwe better get its shit together

      • D

        The PPV model will go extinct when the Network starts up. Punk can stay gone, the money will continue to flow.

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