Tough Enough Star at Impact, TNA Planning a Hall of Fame, Impact Post-Show

Posted by Matt Boone June 1, 2012 6 Comments

- TNA President Dixie Carter announced on last night’s live Impact Wrestling that the company will be starting their own Hall of Fame soon. The first inductee will be announced at this month’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Martin Casaus was backstage at Impact last night. He wrote on Twitter:

“Ill be at @IMPACTWRESTLING tonight for thier first live impact show,” he wrote. “I’ve been hearing a lot about #gutcheck #toughenoughgutcheck @TNADixie… At universal studios for @IMPACTWRESTLING. Theres some big time wrestling fans here! Were a special bunch of people. Love it!”

– Below is the post-show from last night:

[vsw id="yXyXgJ9AHZ8" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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    • fan boy

      TNA HOF WHO THE F CARES THE COMPANY WILL FOLD IN THE NEXT YEAR TO TWO YEARS TOPS! Seriously are they for real TNA is a damn joke and needs to just go away quietly. If WCW and ECW folded (and they both had better product than TNA) what makes them think that anyone even cares live show or not. Going live will finally show how bad they suck. Went to a taping while in Orlando god was it bad low budget all the way.

    • Random Thoughts

      1st Inductee??? Kurt Angle – they’ll do it cause he’s by far the only worthy talent in TNA and well… WWE can’t do it yet. It won’t be Hogan or Sting… or do they wanna give the worlds biggest has been Ric Flair a shot at 3 HOF inductions. I hope it’s Dickhead Carter herself or the Jarrett’s for attempting to give WWE competition… wait…. it’s probably Joey Ryan, that Pornstar reject from GutCheck….

      *this is how little i think of TNA getting a HOF!@!!!!!!!!!!!*

    • ralfh huckelbuckel

      veerybody for the past 10 yrs keeps saying tna is going under hummmmmm guess ur wrong again give them a year and thell have Randy Orton lol himm and RVD is smoking buddies

    • Jackie Priest

      Their first inducted in will probably be The Shore.

    • Josh

      It’ll be the founder of TNA: Double J!!!
      And when I heard the announcement I was like “You said it yourself: 10 years. How can you have a HOF after only 10 years?”

    • TexansFanatic

      how the HELL will TNA have their own Hall Of Fame? Who’s the first inductee? Shark Boy??? Oh wait let me guess, Jeff Jarrett??? Or will it be their version of Pauley D??? These dudes just trying to get attention that NO ONE is paying towards them.

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