Triple H Injury Update (Possible Broken Jaw), Arrest Warrant For The Big Show?

Posted by Brad Davis October 9, 2013 17 Comments

WWE announcer Michael Cole has issued a storyline-driven video statement exclusively to explaining why WWE COO Triple H will not be participating in their weekly sit-down interview for the site.

Michael Cole says Triple H declined to be interviewed this week as a result of the Big Show knocking him out cold on RAW. Cole says Triple H suffered a concussion and is at home resting with his wife and children.

Video of a woozy Triple H From After RAW

He said the injuries could be even more serious, with Triple H possibly suffering a broken jaw, which would require his jaw to be wired shut.

Cole said that Triple H was unconscious for 3 minutes and 31 seconds at RAW.

After speaking with a source at the Pittsburgh police department (“off the record”), Cole said the police might issue an arrest warrant for the Big Show on charges of criminal trespassing and assault.

We’ll get an update on Triple H’s condition this Friday on SmackDown.

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    • strikefirstbite

      ASK YOURSELF: How come…& WHY THE HELL IS IT that John Cena NEVER got or gets into trouble or got arrested or anything despite the fact that he’s verbally and physically hit Josh Matthews and bullied him, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, and other guys in WWE?! Why is that?? It makes no f—king sense at all! I HATE THAT!!!!!
      I should go to college, study criminal justice and provide evidence and also take courses in other Criminal Justice pursuits…to let people know that John Cena has been wrongfully and unfairly treating Randy Orton and I belive that he should be punished for or get into trouble for the things he’s said and done to Randy Orton from a few years earlier when Randy Orton had been and was unjustly accused of doing/using steroids and then again in 2008-2009 and some of 2010…and for the wrongful, bullying, insulting, unfair, unjust, mean spirited, embarrassing, antagonistic, insulting things that John Cena has gotten away with doing to and treating Randy Orton!
      I also need to prove that and explain about what John Cena’s done to Randy Orton knowingly….after Randy Orton admitted to having IED…on Raw, with his lawyers present. Yet, despite this, John Cena also has antagonized him and has insulted, embarrassed and hassled Randy Orton. Matter of fact, on the “Randy Orton : The Evolution Of A Predator” DVD, John Cena called Randy Orton an as$hole…then, said that, “he was only joking”. Well, I’m not joking about John Cena needing to have to suffer consequences for how he’s treated Randy Orton and for how he’s treated myself as well!
      Also, John Cena had said that he never did or used anabolic steroids, on CNN around 2005-2006 I believe it was. However when the CNN news broadcasters had asked him specifically if he ever did or used steroids, John Cena had answered it in a double sided answer. He refused to answer the question. There was irrefutable evidence to prove that he did and had done exactly that. Yet, he had just continued and still continues getting away with saying and doing whatever he wants.

      THAT’S pathetic!

      • Hazkye

        maybe it has been that way to allow people to express ideas and thoughts they have about things that occour on the shows regardless of if they like and agree with it or don’t like and disagree with it.

      • Ho Kogan

        Oh boohoo. What has John Cena done to Randy Orton that is so incredibly devastating? I mean really.

        • GuardianViper

          John Cena has been allowed to get away with saying and doing every kind of bad, negative, antagonistic, insulting, unfair, embarrassing, unkind, lousy, bullying, immature, dishonest, deceptive, devastating comments and actions. Directed towards Randy Orton, and also towards a woman who wants to and who says she will eventually marry Randy Keith Orton in the future.
          John Cena is doing everything he can to break them apart and destroy their relationship. Because John Cena doesn’t want the woman and Randy Orton to ever be able to be happy and enjoy their lives together in the future. Not now….and not ever!
          Because John Cena doesn’t want the woman to like or love Randy Orton or to improve her life and show that although John Cena robbed her of her good health that she once had and that although John Cena has also robbed her of being able to feel good, satisfied, jhappy, and fantastic, enthusiastic….she just wants to be Randy’s hero and have him be hers again! She adores the hell out of Randy but isn’t always sure how to show that in a way that’ll help him understand how she feels about him and how very much she deeply appreciates him.

          • Desperado

            imma take a wild stab in the dark n say ur that woman

        • Ste

          John Cena is being portrayed as some kind of underdog or badass which is objectionable, insulting, hurtful, offensive and a poor example, as well as him being a poor role model….he gets away with manipulating others into buying into and believing the lies that say,
          “John Cena is a good guy he never does anything wrong or bad or insulting or hurtful to anyone and just because you know or have seen that he does these things to Randy Orton and other people in WWE as well no one is allowed to do anything to rectify or help Randy Orton or state the facts about things. Or stop John Cena and other guys in WWE from behaving badly or going along with the negative, bad, poor examples, insulting, bullying, unkind, disloyal, objectionable, lousy, antagonistic, wrongful and completely suckfest
          f–king crap!!!!
          Mick Foley’s so-called comic isn’t funny, interesting or respectful at all. It’s in extremley poor taste, is pathetic, and hurtful, dishonest and
          isn’t right for him to behave that way and then to think that it should be tolerated and accepted!
          I don’t accept it and real pro wrestling fans shouldn’t either!
          The facts are being twisted around and shown in a way that isn’t correct, moral, just or fair….to Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, C,M. Punk or anyone else…
          Because the fact is: John Cena and his friend Mick Foley are now behaving badly toward Randy Orton and are being mean, antagonistic, insulting, and looking/seeking to embarrass people.
          Question the fact that people in WWE are saying they are against bullying but they aren’t even saying that it’s wrong and is objectionable, hurtful and antagonistic!!!!
          Then, they go and pretend like nothing is wrong and that people should just continue to accept this fucking garbage happening in the WWE and not protest against it or do anything about it or do or say anything to help make things right!!!!

      • Sir DF


      • Kage

        Yeah, but Randy Orton shat in a Divas purse.
        Winner – John Cena

        • Pixie

          That’s an untrue rumor and a lie that began on, and has been spread around on the internet about Randy Orton—saying/claiming that he shat in a Divas purse.
          True facts about Randy Keith Orton…he is:
          Honorable Vulnerable
          Dedicated Fiercely Protective of anyone he loves
          Works for what he wants Mysterious
          Is Reserved with people Fun – Loving
          Funny A Joy to be and spend time with
          Helpful A Leader
          Intelligent Trustworthy
          Gentle Kind
          Fun to spend time with/be Sweet
          around Huggable

          • Ice

            Lol you actually believe that? should go read articles on how he treats people behind the camera scenes. He’s an arrogant, rude man that cares only for himself.

            • Tal

              Randy Orton’s a good person on the inside. He’s reserved but that’s because he’s been through a lot in his life. You sound like you dont feel comfortable with the idea that Randy Orton’s a kind, honest, respectful, helpful, fun to be with, honorable, gentle, hardworking, dedicated, devoted and loyal to a fault, trustworthy, vulnerable, humble, and he’s been treated poorly lot by people in WWE and by those not in WWE.
              He’s selfless, polite, caring, extremely understanding and sensitive, Randy Orton is an incredibly wonderful person!
              He can be intimidating at first….because he comes across as a badass—-but, in real life he’s a treasure on the inside!
              Randy Orton deserves to be WWE Champion not Daniel Bryan!
              You asked me what John Cena has done to Randy Orton that’s so bad? John Cena has said and done things such as:

              Embarrassing Randy Orton.
              Claiming he was “only joking” when he called Randy Orton an a–hole. If you want proof, watch the “Randy Orton: The Evolution Of A Predator” DVD. That footage is on there of what I’m talking about.
              John Cena has tried repeatedly to get Randy Orton fired from the WWE.
              John Cena has also antagonized, insulted, disrespected Randy.
              John Cena intentionally threw the steel stairs at Randy Keith Orton during their match on Oct. 2, 2009 at the WWE Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View. Because he was looking to injure Randy Orton and get away with it.
              John Cena has claimed that Randy Orton’s used anabolic steroids and has smoked weed.
              John Cena has lied about not using/doing anabolic steroids in WWE which aired a few years ago on the news show, CNN. John Cena said that anyone doing steroids in WWE that tested positive for steroids ought to be in jail and be imprisoned.
              He and several IWC smarks were insisting that Randy Orton tested positive for steroids.
              As well as other WWE Superstars being falsely and wrongfully accused of and blamed for doing/using steroids when they didn’t do that or behave that way.

            • Bobby Higgins

              who cares about randy orton he is a punk just like triple h his
              girl friend and seth rollins is there sister shields all the way kane is a big cry baby

    • cogito

      Is hhh legitimately injured???

      • AngelEyes

        It isn’t just to Randy Orton though that injuries happen. Happens to a lot of people in WWE and watching WWE. That sucks!!!
        I’m keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers!
        People should send the guys in WWE get well cards and stuff if there’s something that happens to them so they know they’re being thought of and are cared about!

      • Bobby Higgins

        who cares triple h big show got nothing do with wmd the best for bussiness time for big show big show is the man no body does not cross big show game over for triple h

    • Bobby Higgins

      triple h had it coming to him from wmd big show triple h have no respect for big show the best for bussiness wmd for triple h he is done in wwe for good

      • rsmyobe

        Maybe allowing people who choose to post online and stand up for guys in WWE and those who want to send get well cards or write them, send artwork or whatever is a part of something that is best for business!

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