Triple H Q&A: NXT Arrival, Best Stars In NXT, NXT Stars To Main Roster & More

Posted by Matt Boone February 27, 2014 8 Comments

The following are highlights of the Twitter Q&A that Triple H held earlier today to promote tonight’s NXT “Arrival” live WWE Network special:

On if he considers Arrival to be the WrestleMania of NXT: “Everyone here has been saying it feels just like a WrestleMania. So, I would say yes.”

On if he could face anyone from NXT, who it would be: “Good question. I would have to say Neville and Zayn. Both awesome. Future of #WWE.”

On whether or not we can expect any NXT stars to be moved up to the main roster after tonight: “It’s all about timing and making sure it’s the right moment to succeed.”

On if he would encourage his daughters to go into the wrestling business: “I would support anything they wanted to do. If it’s WWE, then absolutely!”

On if he helps train the NXT stars and who his favorites are: “Work with them as much as I can when I’m here. No favorites. Want them all the succeed.”

On why Adrian Neville isn’t on RAW yet: “When he has the most chance to succeed, he will be.”

On the most innovating and compelling aspect of the WWE Performance Center: “From a learning and safety stance, the crash pad ring will add years to careers!”

On if we can expect a Best Of NXT DVD: “Once we have enough to fill one. BTW it’s called @WWENetwork”

On if WWE only looks at talent who develop in NXT: “We look for talent any place, any time, any where!”

Check out more of Triple H’s Q&A on Twitter @TripleH.

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    • Chris_Is_Awesome

      that’s why you let go chris hero, pauly douchebag ;)

      • Pauly Douchebag

        Please tell me, when was the last time you ran a wrestling organization like WWE? It’s very easy to sit online and anonymously play armchair critic, but have you ever been employed in the wrestling business? For the record, Chris Spradlin was out of shape and didn’t take his training seriously, so he was let go. Shut up unless you know what you’re talking about and show some damn respect!!!!!

        • Kris Godwin

          Chris Hero was/is not “out of shape”.

          No, he isn’t some statuesque adonis, but he IS in supreme wrestling shape. Like Dusty Rhodes or Samoa Joe.

          There are different contexts to being ‘in shape’.

          • yep you

            Says a fat dude who is out of shape.

        • Chris_Is_Awesome

          that’s the same mindset people got who said eddie is a vanilla midget. case closed. now you can try to remove your head from hunter’s rear end. good luck with that

          • Pauly Douchebag

            Ok, we’ll see where Chris Hero is in a few years. My prediction: still in the indies.
            P.S – How does Chris Hero’s ass taste?

            • Chris_Is_Awesome

              man you argue like a 5-year-old biatch, anyway, have a nice day corporate jack@ss ;)

    • Booker 4 Hunter

      hmm…. no sell all neville’s high flying moves and squash zayn in 6 mins with a pedigree and a delay of 5 secs before he gets the 3

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