Triple H Talks Goal Behind Unifying The Titles, CM Punk’s Dig At Him On RAW

Posted by Matt Boone November 27, 2013 10 Comments

The following are highlights from the latest sit-down interview between Triple H and Michael Cole from the official WWE website:

On the goal behind unifying the belt at the WWE TLC PPV: “The goal is one champion. The goal being one champion at the end of the night. One Undisputed WWE champion. Let’s face it – with the brand extension no longer in effect, there is no need for two champions; we only need one… I want there to be one Undisputed WWE champion; the championship that was held by all the greats. Bruno Sammartino, (Bob) Backlund, Bret (Hart), (Hulk) Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Rock, (Steve) Austin, myself, Cena. All the greats. I want there to be one champion who represents this company going into the new year.”

On CM Punk’s dig at him on RAW this past Monday: “I didn’t happen to see C.M. Punk’s promo Monday night because I was a little bit busy creating the biggest match in WWE history. That being said, C.M. Punk says a lot of things; he runs his mouth a lot. It doesn’t make a difference to me. It’s irrelevant to me. He can say whatever he wants. I’m not phased by it. All I care about is C.M. Punk shows up and does his job.”

Check out the complete interview online at

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    • Undertaker316

      I think they should have cm punk do a shoot promo on the authority like he did back in 2011, if you recall cm punk said “the fact is its going to get taken over(the company)by his idiotic daughter and dufus son in law” and the current authority storyline exactly proves what cm punk said and the whole face of the company angle ties with what he said about hating the idea that john cena is the best. I think this would be a great way to bring cm punk in the wwe title picture and get him involved with the authority storyline.

    • steve2013

      Essentially a way to put the main title back on Cena Yawn/Boring

    • Ice

      Hurrayyyy!!! They want to unify the titles!!!! Yet…why they need Cena/Orton Part 123456 or how many times they wrestled for the title, just for the Undisputed title??? Why not have Daniel Bryan/Del Rio or two other champions to represent the company in the New Year. Let’s get something fresh, and not something stale and boring.

    • TheGame

      Part 1: Unify titles
      Part 2: I win it again

      • Pinmepayme

        Scary thought but I can see it happening!

    • Caleb43

      glad to hear that they are unifying the titles. none of them have meant anything in quite a long time. one champ makes the championships mean more. I might actually watch raw again soon. With the way the product has been for the past few years, I welcome any changes as long as their not brain numbingly stupid.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks unifying the titles is a great idea, but Cena & Orton are the wrong participants. These two have held the title far too many times. It’s time for other hard workers in the WWE to be in the mix for top dog.
      Maybe, with eliminating a title; the WWE could bring back the Cruiser Weight or Hardcore belt? Ah, they’re not that smart.

    • king

      Jericho has a message for HHH:

    • Jpro Walkom

      You know Triple H is just playing a character right. He’s playing his old heel role. There is no way someone like Punk or even an employee can talk shit about their boss live on air to millions of people and not get fired for it. Were you around in the attitude era. Austin did that and he became one of the biggest stars ever, but if you read the book you actually find out Vince and Austin were having the best time of their life. They were making money.

      at the end of the day deep down Triple H knows Punk and Bryan are the big things. Why do you think he would book them to win their match at Survivor Series. Do youk now how much Triple H loves the Wyatt Family gimmick. Why would he book 2 people he hates to win that match? Remember Triple H has just as much as a role before Vince makes the final say.

      I believe the whole Bryan getting screwed over time and time again is they are trying to make an austin storyline out of this. They know Danei Bryan is loved, he gets one of the biggest pops of the night. The crowd loves him. He’s against all odds and the payoff is going to come. And it’s much better and bigger to win at Wrestlemania than it is any other Pay Per View.

      • twet

        Why would he book 2 people he hates to win that match?

        to have them destroyed the next night on free tv ;)

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