– Former WWE star Trish Stratus recently appeared on the Raw Meet Podcast and thinks WWE dropping the “Divas” name for their female wrestlers was long overdue.

“They [WWE female talent] deserve to be fighting for the Women’s Championship,” Stratus said. “The Divas thing was kind of a weird phase, where it was, focus on the women [appearance] and it sucks because there were some very talented women at the time. I’m not ever going to denounce a Divas Champion, because to me, it’s still a wrestling champion.”

– With Randy Orton expected to return to action soon, WWE has begun officially advertising him for live events in August, including the August 28th live event at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Orton has been out of action since October with a shoulder injury.

– Bobby Roode wrestled his first matches for WWE this past week on NXT’s tour of the UK, and took to Twitter to comment on the career milestone: