Tuxedo Match Added to WWE’s No Way Out Pay-Per-View

Posted by Matt Boone June 14, 2012 14 Comments

WWE has announced that United States Champion Santino Marella challenged Ricardo Rodriguez to a Tuxedo Match for Sunday’s WWE No Way Out pay-per-view. They describe the match like this:

“Described by Marella as “one of the most electrifying matches in sports-entertainment,” Tuxedo Matches require both competitors to enter the fray in full penguin suits. The objective is to strip the other man of his outfit. For a rivalry that has featured plenty of laughs and more than a tinge of humiliation, the Tuxedo Match is a wholly appropriate venue for Marella and Rodriguez to settle the score.”

Santino’s United States championship will not be on the line.

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Tuxedo Match, aka…A complete and utter waste of F’n time.

    • b-ri

      Really!!! O so its ok for the kiddies to see two men strip each other down to their underwear, ok so when bobby and jimmy are in their room stripping each other down tho their unmentionables and dad walks in everything will be ok, at least if it were two women the boys would learn to be interested in women (hopefully) WWE ARE THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITES IN THE WORLD , im sure the crowd will love this (as sarcastic as i can possibly be)

      • Axlcobain

        Sexuality shouldn’t matter and that’s not why people are gay, we are BORN THIS WAY!

        • b-ri

          my response had nothing to do with people becoming gay as a matter of fact that wasnt the point of the response at all the response was about the lack of entertainment this has AS WELL as the influence on kids idk about you but i’d personally like to see two bubble headed divas in this type of match beside two guys but thats just me

          • AreYouSeriousBro

            You can’t please everyone. This is for comedic purposes only. They don’t make matches to specifically please one group of people that watch, I don’t believe there will ever be a day when EVERYONE likes the storylines and feuds they create, and what matches follow along with. I’m a woman, and seeing an evening gown match, or a bra and panties match wouldn’t bother me, so I don’t see why a tuxedo match should bother a man.

        • Catholic Priest

          Go kill yourself you evil disgusting abomination agains the lord!

    • Ice

      This is suppose to motivate me to order the ppv?? What a joke.

    • Sofa

      this will be main event, right ? :D

    • Mark Henry

      Tuxedo match is the 3rd best match. Kane/punk/bryan is #2 only because of what AJ will do and the best match of this godawful shyt card goes to Chrisitan/Cody because Captain Charisma is the best wrestler in the business.

    • http://twitter.com/HEELDaiveedino Dave Nemeth

      Didn’t Vince say that he didn’t care about ratings or money? then why is he pleasing the sheep?

    • Some Guy

      I remember when this would have been a bra & panties match between Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson

    • TRazor

      Guys guys, wait that isn’t even the worst part. Here’s the kicker: WWE actually, genuinely thinks that people will … wait for it… PAY to see these matches. $50 no less! WWE u so pro.

      • Ice

        i remember when it used to be $30 back in the days

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