Ultiamte Warrior Talks About His 1992 WWF Release

Posted by Brad Davis May 8, 2012 9 Comments

During a recent interview with Mister Saint Laurent of MLW.com, the Ultimate Warrior talks about Vince McMahon firing him and British Bulldog back in 1992 during the federal steroid investigation. Vince McMahon claimed that Warrior and Davey Boy Smith were released for failing WWE drug tests, but Warrior says that is a complete lie.

“Vince was feeling the heat from the federal investigation in what ultimately became an indictment over the steroid thing,” said Warrior. “It’s another one of those instances where he did what he had to do to protect his foremost interest, which was himself and his business. He made the claim that me and Davey Boy, Davey Boy got let go at the same time, that we had violated the drug policy at the time, which wasn’t true.”

Warrior added that the doctor in charge of WWE’s drug testing policy testified under oath that Warrior was not fired due to failing a drug test:

“We deposed Dr. Di Pasquale, who was in charge [of the drug policy]. We went to Canada and deposed him as part of the litigation and he said it wasn’t true. He was the guy that had the absolute authority in the program to decide who should be let go or if there was a different way of evaluating something. If they saw something on a wellness program test or something, it was up to him. He said he was totally shocked and surprised when Vince let me go and fired me. He never got a reason.”

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    • Wrestlehead

      For once, I agree with Warrior. Vince WAS feeling the heat due to the steroid scandals and the spotlight was shining on smaller stars like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. However, Warrior DID admit on a TV interview in 2007 (when asked about the Chris Benoit murder/suicide) that he DID take steroids before. That’s the only thing I wonder about.

      • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

        Warrior is not denying that he ever took steroids .. He’s been pretty forthcoming about the measures he took to portray the Ultimate Warrior wrestling character. But he is calling Vince out for claiming he fired Warrior and Bulldog in 1992 for failing drug tests, which Warrior denies

        • Wrestlehead

          Excellent point. What Warrior is saying here actually sounds reasonable for once.

          • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

            If the doctor in charge of WWE’s drug tests testified under oath that Warrior did not fail a drug test, that’s pretty damning evidence that Vince was/is full of it

            • Wrestlehead

              Oh I agree for sure. It’s weird though because for every time Warrior left WWE, there’s his version of the truth and there’s Vince’s. In this situation Warrior’s version sounds more reasonable though.

    • The_Real_PETER

      Just another reason why TNA is better than WWE even though ratings are not on our side.TNA never had an issue with steroids or something,let alone incident,while WWE had countless.Shame,because TNA isn’t at the caliber of WWE,even if they are completely having a CLEAR wrestling material.

      • khaos_24

        TNA never had an incident how we soon forget Jeff Hardy vs Sting Victory Road 2011 dumb ass TNA fans.

      • khaos_24

        The signing of King Mo to TNA after he tested positive for anabolic steroids (Drostanolone) sfter his fight with Lorenz Larkin i guess doesn’t not count against TNA fans foolish me for thinking over wise ps that is called sarcasm the real peter.

    • Papa Georgio

      I wonder if Vince would have failed a drug test when he was all jacked up years back. I would have to say YES.

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