Ultimate Warrior Issues Statement About People Selling His Merchandise On eBay

Posted by Brad Davis January 1, 2014 5 Comments

The Ultimate Warrior issued the following statement regarding reports of him demanding 30% of any Warrior merchandise sold on eBay:

“The story regarding Ultimate Warrior merchandise that has been reported on wrestling news sites today is inaccurate.

“Warrior Entertainment have at no point demanded royalties which would allow sellers to continue producing unlicensed goods.

“Without exception, all counterfeit merchandise bearing Ultimate Warrior intellectual property will be removed without warning from all auctions sites, websites or similar.”

The Ultimate Warrior himself posted a message in our Comments section on the article about the story, which was also e-mailed to us, stating:

“Recent stories about Warrior attempting to swindle 30% royalties from eBayers auctioning Ultimate Warrior items are ridiculously inaccurate. The actual royalty demand is 110%, 100% of money made from the sale plus a 10% service fee for handling the hassle of informing others of their no-nos.

“Sorry, but ALL unlicensed goods and ALL counterfeit merchandise using the Ultimate Warrior Intellectual Property will be removed without warning from all auctions sites, websites or similar.

“It’s MY gimmick. I OWN it. If you want one, do the work it takes to create one for yourself.

“Always Believe,


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    • lololol

      holy shit warrior your to self absorbed

      • Not Chris Jericho

        He owns the intellectual property rights to everything Warrior. Its his right to crack down on counterfit merchandise bearing his IP…its illegal for them to be making it and selling it. He’s not talking about collectors merchandise which has already been bought first hand.

    • Kris Godwin

      He may be a loon, but he’s 100% right here.

    • Marky McMark Mark

      People still buy Ultimate Warrior Merchandise???!!! Dafuq!?? o_O

    • Art Log

      I agree with him… But I still have no respect for him as a man

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