Undertaker Agrees To Work WrestleMania 29, Punk To Remain On TV

Posted by Brad Davis December 6, 2012 22 Comments

- CM Punk will be appearing on WWE television in the coming weeks while he recovers from this week’s knee surgery. Punk is already able to walk around on his own power, but will be selling the injury as if it’s worse than it is. It’s possible we’ll see CM Punk getting pushed around in a wheel chair, etc.

– The Undertaker reached out to WWE in the past week and told them that he wants to compete at WrestleMania 29 and is currently in training for his return. He reportedly pitched an opponent to WWE and it’s not Triple H or Ryback.

As we’ve been reporting, the current plan for the Undertaker at WrestleMania is for him to wrestle CM Punk in a “Respect vs. Streak” match.

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    • http://twitter.com/Keek_17 Keek

      They should’ve saved Big Johnny’s scooter for Punk…although it was funny when Vince McMahon dumped it off the stage.

    • King James

      So the “end of an era” match was complete hogwash? Figures.

      • WTF


        • King James

          I’m guessing this is a new term for you. Long story short- I don’t believe it.

    • FOns

      The undertaker vs Brock lesnar

    • shane-o-mac

      Wow good gig getting paid a couple million bucks just to wrestle once or twice a year. If I was taker, for that amount of money and work schedule, i’d wrestle even if I had to come out with a walker. So where’s the outrage that the wrestlers had when rock came back? I mean taker is basically doing the same thing. As in taking a mania spot away from a wrestler who works a full time schedule and probably desrves it more. Taker is just like hogan and flair, they where all good back in the day but now they just need to let it go before they really hurt themselves seriously. It sounds like at least of all people hogan is finally getting it.

    • The Real Deal

      I still remember how he botched his moves the last 2 wrestlemanias. We should call him the Blundertaker. And who wants to see this old hack wrestle AGAIN?

      Oh, and fuck your mother 40 dawg!

      • The Real Deal

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          • The Real Deal

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            • The Real Deal

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        • hmw

          yes u right that guy is a bullshit sucker

          • The Real Deal

            I know, its just some corny guy that lives in his moms house that works in a game store, and while he’s at work I’m fucking his mother… He really thinks the name is that important to me, smh what a loser!!! And yes I will continue to fuck his mother :-)

            • The Real Deal

              Yes I agree that I’m a corny guy who lives in his mom’s basement. And this name is important to me or why would I keep coming here and using it? Just like I use 40 dawg’s mother for sex :-)

            • The Real Dall

              There you go now you’re understanding the way you are :-)

            • The Real Deal

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    • 100MB


    • Bird 2.0

      So looks like Punk vs Taker “Streak vs Respect” and Cena vs Rock for WWE Championship at Metlife Stadium, seems kinda dull but then again WWE is dull nowadays

    • hmw

      undertaker vs punk will be awesome

    • probb

      i think its going to be punks championship streak vs the streak that makes more sense

    • http://www.facebook.com/isra3bdel Abdel Israel Aguilar

      CM Punk Sucks. Steve Austin vs The Undertaker at WretleMania Oh Hell Yeah!

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