Undertaker Facing CM Punk at WM29, Flair on Celebrity Wife Swap, WWE Inbox

Posted by Matt Boone February 27, 2013 5 Comments

- Embedded in the video below this week’s WWE Inbox episode.

- Ric Flair filmed an episode of ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap” a week ago in Charlotte, NC. There is no information on who he swapped with.

- PWInsider is reporting that Undertaker vs. CM Punk is now penciled in for this year’s WrestleMania and creative is scrambling to fast-track the match’s storyline.

WWE creative is concern with Punk losing the last two WWE pay-per-views and then again to John Cena. They feel a lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania could really damage one of the two names who draw on the road currently, the other being John Cena.

  • Kun

    simple fix, stop jobbing everyone out to Cena

  • Gambit

    Flair is swapping wives with Roddy Piper

  • kindred1313

    Hay Writers I have it for you, RESPECT!!!!!! Punk has been crying about it for a year now. any one but me remember the Jeff Hardy story line years back

  • biiootch

    then punk shoud beat the streak no one has done it so retire an athlete who cant wrestle anymore and put punk over as the new top dog

  • Wall

    quick story- taker hired the shield to protect Punk so taker could take punk out

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