Undertaker vs. Lesnar Planned For WrestleMania, Shawne Merriman To WWE?

Posted by Brad Davis October 24, 2013 9 Comments

- The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar is being planned for WrestleMania XXX. WWE officials remain optimistic that Undertaker will be healthy to compete at next year’s show – and they have a storyline built in, based off their confrontation at a UFC pay-per-view several years ago when Lesnar was UFC Heavyweight champion.

– Former NFL player Shawne Merriman, who had a Twitter beef with CM Punk last year, is training to become a WWE Superstar. Bill DeMott noted on Twitter that Merriman was at the WWE Performance Center training this week – and Merriman himself posted the following on Facebook after his first day at the Performance Center:

A hard days work 1 down 364 to go #PainWhatPain #LightsOut”


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    • fons

      old news , it normal that they fight together , they hate it’s other

    • Undertaker316

      As i have said before this is not a smart match for the undertaker to have at this age, because brock lesnar has a more aggressive wrestling style since returning to wwe and most likely will injure undertaker in the match. Undertaker needs to wrestle with guys like cm punk,rollins,ambrose chris jericho etc who can work a match without injuring their opponent ,after wm 29 undertaker was able to work 2 more matches after his match with cm punk, but right when they started doing spots with chairs shots and putting him through announce tables and barricades undertaker got re injured.

      • TheRealish

        I said the same exact thing. I thought it was going to be cena vs taker.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Just enjoy the match. The injury stuff is for WWE and Taker to worry about, not us fans.

        Brock v Taker is a far bigger draw than Punk, Ambrose, Y2J or Rollins vs the streak. WWE is in the money making business you know.

        The Beast vs The Phenom will be a great match and it will draw.

        • Undertaker316

          it also effects us fans too because if undertaker gets too injured he cant return for a match at wm 31 or might even have to retire

      • Dark Prince

        Even John cena and Triple H def Brock Lesnar, Why can’t The Undertaker. Undertaker have specific style and he change the style depends upon the Opponents

    • Bulkster

      Good, Brock will finally put The Undertaker out of his misery. To the streak I say, Rest…..In…..Peaaacceee……..

    • joker77

      Not a good match? I mean come on Brock will Smash the Old Guy? WWE should of put Cena vs Taker or The Rock Vs Taker now that’s good for Bessness!

    • Ruthless RJ

      I say the rock vs taker they are the only ones left from that time let it end with a bang they call Rock great one let him prove it beat taker at wrestlemania

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