Undertaker vs. Sheamus At WrestleMania?, WWE Agent Dealing With Heart Issues

Posted by Matt Boone November 21, 2013 8 Comments

- WWE agent Dean Malenko, who has dealt with heart issues in the past, was apparently sent home early from the WWE European tour due to chest pains. Malenko was first taken to the hospital and after being examined by doctors, was sent home.

– As previously reported, WWE Superstar Sheamus mentioned in a recent interview that his dream WrestleMania opponent would be The Undertaker. Apparently Sheamus is actually trying to push the idea of that match taking place internally, so he seems to be quite serious about it.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • Guest4689643346789

      Fuck you. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Die in a fire Sheamus.

    • D

      Sounds like a great idea. Sheamus is always good for a decent match and he ought to look good coming off a major bout with Taker.

    • Nicholas Williams

      I think that coud be a good match. An Undertaker match at Mania would be huge for Sheamus’ career. But I dont think it could do anything in Taker’s favor. Gotta face it the “Dead Man” has few great matches left. And out of all his opponets through out his career Sheamus would not be ending on a high note if it were to be his last match in WWE. Not saying its going to be but ya never know… And IMO storyline wise if I had to hand pick one person to end the streak it would be Kane. They have had the on again off again feud “Brother vs. Brother” since Kane’s debut. And having the “Little Brother” one up the “Big Brother” could be one way to end it.

      • eric

        Undertaker vs. Kane III for WrestleMania? No thank you.

        • Ice

          That’ll be smart to end the streak…since it took Rock vs. Austin III for The Rock to finally beat Stone Cold, so it can probably work the same with Undertaker vs. Kane III

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks the Undertaker should face Stephanie at WM. Now, that would be good for business.

    • LisaMoore69

      Absolutely, if Undertaker has another match in him.

    • CDubbdagreat

      Sheamus would be the perfect one to put that L in UTs lose column. famous is a brawler to the T, just like the Undertaker used to be. Undertaker bites of more than his old body can take and goes down to the Celtic Warrior.

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