Upcoming Important Dates for CM Punk as WWE Champion

Posted by Matt Boone October 28, 2012 4 Comments

- As of today, WWE Champion CM Punk has held the title for 343 days. Courtesy of Ken, here are some upcoming milestones for Punk if he can hang onto the title tonight:

* If Punk makes it to November 12th as WWE Champion, he will tie Kevin Nash for the 9th longest reign in WWE history at 351 days. Punk would have to make it to the go-home edition of RAW before Survivor Series and leaving RAW that night will put him into #9 by himself.

* If Punk goes into Survivor Series on November 18th as WWE Champion, he will tie Hulk Hogan for the 8th longest reign in WWE history at 364 days. If Punk retains his title at Survivor Series, he will be in 8th place by himself.

* If Punk makes it through November 25th, he will pass Randy Savage and place #7 on the list, at 371 days.

* Punk will tie John Cena for the 6th longest reign in WWE history with 380 days if he can make it to December 4th with the title. Making it through the December 4th SmackDown taping with the title will put Punk on the list at #6 by himself.

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    • chris

      punk will make it through all these dates cuz hes fightin the rock at the rumble

    • http://www.facebook.com/cbbraddy Christopher Braddy

      WWE is dropping the ball bad right now. As interesting as it is to put this stuff in the history books, this doesn’t garner or keep viewers. You don’t get a chance to put over and create a new star every day. With a breakout like Ryback, they need to ditch these CM Punk plans and put the belt on Ryback and let him carry the belt for an unprecedented amount of time. He would add a new level of prestige to the gold. Since they are marketing towards young kids, and thats who this man’s prime fan base is, why not play it up and let Ryback do the unthinkable and run roughshod with the belt, destroying everyone in his path. The Rock never got to fight Goldberg, this’ll be as close as it’ll gets to having that matchup go down. Tonight is literally make or break for Ryback. If he doesn’t walk out of the HIAC as champion fair and square, he’ll be destined to the mid-card until he finds something else to do with his life. Personally, I think they’re pulling the trigger on him prematurely.

      A better story would have been GM AJ Lee and him in some sort of backstage incident where Ryback rubs her the wrong way, have her use her authority to “keep him down” – then have her resign like they did last week, but for poor management of personell. Ric Flair comes in, puts Ryback in the Royal Rumble – Flair comes out smelling like Roses – and have Ryback clean house and win the Rumble. Put the belt on Taker, and have Ryback win it against Taker at Mania. Huge moment, there.

      Then, let Ryback rise as the greatest champion ever, doing what no one else has done – defending the belt and destroying every one who challenged for it. Perhaps have Bill Goldberg come out for a one time deal and pass the torch, have Goldberg take the mic and say “This man has a name, its RYBACK! You all might chant my name, but I chant HIS!” and have him lead the crowd chanting RYYYYY-BACK instead of Goldberg.

      Its a new day in age. Sure, some of the hardcore fans know, but not everyone knows ar cares to know all about who’s held the belt for so long. Its nice, but its not going to give anyone any extra momentum going into a match. Punk’s star has risen, losing the belt at this point would only add to the awe of the title history and would not hurt his character. Cena’s such a big star he doesn’t need the belt. It comes down to which is more important – a footnote on CM Punk’s profile page, or creating a new star?

      …and what’s Ryback’s undefeated streak up to? Is there an official number? Goldberg made it to a hundred and thirty some odd wins before he was defeated, if I recall correctly. THATS a record I’d like to see smashed.

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        The rock did fight goldberg @ backlash after WM19. No one respects Goldberg as a wrestler (he did it all for the money) and there is no way he’d ever give anyone other then himself props. Do you honestly want some bland no personality flash in the pan like Ryback beat Taker at mania???? Are you high??? It says all there has to be said about this guy when the crowd chants goldberg during his matches. You say put the belt on him and make him the biggest champ ever??? I say pull this scrub from the PPV and bury him. That’s the problem with these big monsters like Goldberg and Ryback…all they have is a fake undefeated streak to keep interest in them. They don’t have personalities or anything the fans really care to watch and they soon move on.
        We all know wrestling is fake fighting and who honestly wants to see a giant boring wrecking ball squash people for years straight? Where’s the drama in that? There’s a reason they only let this guy say his catch phrase when they throw a mic in his face. He has nothing interesting to say. Hope Punk just lays him out fast and moves on to better things.

    • cm punk

      Cm punk will win tonight, ryback is no break out star. You want stars tell Samoa Joe and Austin Aries to go to wwe, until then cm punk is the guy, and has been the guy since he walked in. You all loved punk, and he turns heel for the sake of john cenas career and now you hate him? Him and Daniel bryan are the best in that company and they worked there asses off in hour long Indie main events. They have a draw just by being themselves. Who is ryback? Just another wash up that they decided to use for once in his ten year bench sitting? Screw that. Cm punk all the way, and he should beat the rock but we all know that won’t happen.

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