Updae On Christy Hemme’s TNA Creative Role, Recent TNA Attendance Figure

Posted by Matt Boone April 11, 2014 4 Comments

- As noted earlier in the week, Christy Hemme was added to the TNA creative team. Apparently one of her key roles, at least early on, will be focused more on costuming than booking wrestling angles for the company. She’s supposed to work with everyone in the company to help improve the look of their ring outfits and costumes, but will also have some creative input as well.

– The TNA live event on April 4th in Augusta, Georgia drew approximately 450 fans.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • RIP Diva Search (LOL)

      It’s amazing to me that Hemme has had such a long career in the business. Whoda thunk it. But I do find her very likeable and sexy as hell (dem playboy pics doe), so I’m happy for her.

      • Kris Godwin

        Yeah, I’ve always found Hemme to be likeable.

        And besides, it’s not like she’d be WORSE than the creative team they have now…

        • RIP Diva Search (LOL)

          Astute observation haha. And I kinda like get voice as a ring announcer. Better than Justin Roberts. “Jjjjjjjyyyoooohhnnnn Ceeeeeeennnaaaaaaaaa!” So bad.

          • I hate Justin Roberts

            Justin Roberts:

            “Jeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaooooohhhnn Seeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaa”

            “DEE INDERRTikerrrr”

            Burrroock LIZNERRR

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