Update On AJ Styles Becoming A Free Agent Later This Month

As reported over the weekend, AJ Styles will be a free agent on December 16th after he and TNA were unable to come to terms on a new contract.

Of course, it came down to money. As a TNA original, Styles was very frustrated several months ago with the company offering him much less than he’s been making. He signed a short-term contract extension, but TNA’s drastic cost cutting is the root of the problem.

Styles is now taking independent bookings and is reportedly looking for $3,000-4,000 per appearance.

With TNA letting AJ Styles go, there is now a lot of concern in the TNA locker room from other wrestlers whose contracts are coming up soon. The feeling is that if Styles couldn’t get what he was looking for, nobody will.

*SPOILERS* For The Next Several Weeks of TNA Impact (Including AJ’s Final Show)

(Partial Source: PWInsider.com)