Update On The Carter Family Looking To Sell TNA

Brian Elliot, editor of the Fighting Spirit Magazine in the United Kingdom, recently spoke to the WrestlingNewsSource.com website about the Carter family looking to sell TNA.

Here is an excerpt of what Elliot had to say:

“The Carter family has been open to receiving offers for TNA for several months. There are a select number of business people on the inside to whom this has been made clear. You have to understand that it’s not like the company is going to be listed on eBay; keeping the fact that they are open to selling TNA to a small number of potentially interested parties keeps the price that the Carters can get for it at a much higher level than if they went public that the company was for sale.

If someone does make a bid, that information will then be leaked in certain quarters, in the hope of starting a bidding war that would raise the price further. Like with Fusient Media’s attempted purchase of WCW, if someone comes in with a bid, we’ll soon know about it.”

For more information on the Carter’s attempting to sell TNA, including interest from WWE in buying the company, check out the following 24Wrestling.com article: Breaking News: Carter Family Looking To Sell TNA?.