Update: Chris Benoit Match Will Not Be Featured On Shawn Michaels’ “Mr. WrestleMania” DVD

Posted by Brad Davis November 18, 2013 8 Comments

Last week, WWE revealed the official synopsis for the upcoming “Mr. WrestleMania” DVD/Blu-Ray set looking at the legendary career of WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. The synopsis included the following:

“Now, fans can own all 17 of his iconic WrestleMania matches. See all the jaw-dropping action from The Showstopper on WWE’s grandest stage.”

.. which implied that Michaels’ triple threat match against Triple H and Chris Benoit from WrestleMania XX would be part of the project. We can now confirm that the Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Benoit will not be included.

“Mr. WrestleMania” – set for a February release, will actually feature 16 of Shawn’s WrestleMania matches, along with newly-filmed interview footage from the WWE Hall of Famer.

Comment Below and tell us what you think about WWE’s decision to omit the WrestleMania XX main event.

(Credit to WrestlingDVDNews for this news item)

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    • Enough Already!

      BS…. they need to f’ing stop this. Benoit had health issues directly related to the industry. Trying to ignore him is insane. He was a far better performer than most.

    • yobro

      Chris Benoit didn’t kill his wife, or his kid, neither did he commit suicide, it was Kevin Sullivan that did it, kevin killed benoit, his wife, and their son.

    • khaledbebo9

      its getting ridicules over and over, this is one of my all-time favorite wrestlemania matches, its selfish of them to just remove it like that, I for myself wont pay a penny after getting roped like that !!!

    • FightFan

      Don’t care that Benoit is in it or not. On one hand, it was three years before the murders and have no relation to what he did. However, whatever he accomplished in/contributed to wrestling, will always be outweighed by what he did. He murdered his family. No one can ever watch any of his matches again without remembering it. Still, it is just one match. Either way, don’t care and don’t understand why everyone acts like it’s some crime to not include him.

    • Splodeydope

      Come on guys, stop making such a stink that Benoit isn’t on the DVD. After what happened to him, it makes zero sense to keep promoting him.

    • Stephen

      What WWE seem to fail to understand is that by leaving Benoit out they are drawing far more attention to him than if they left him in. If the Benoit match was on the DVD, people wouldn’t be talking about it. But because it’s not on it, now everyone is discussing it. Benoit is VERY conspicuous by his absence in virtually all WWE material. I can understand them not wanting to actually promote him (obviously we’ll never see a “Best of Benoit DVD.” But by removing his matches from DVD editions of shows all they are doing is contributing to his infamy. If they just left the mataches on the DVDs, they’d be a lot less talk about it all.

    • Taio Smalls

      WHAT!!! That was the best match ever featured on a Wrestlmania card and it isn’t even being picked up!? Wow WWE ever heard of not mixing business with pleasure?

    • JayRoz1982

      Personally I’m going to be disliked for this, but I’m someone who thinks Chris Benoit did have legitimate mental issues because of brain damage suffered through something he was too passionate about to not do. This is the case. He snapped, killed his wife and son, not through conscious decision nor lucid thought, but nonetheless he did. And when he was finally lucid he saw what he had done and was overcome by grief and knew that he couldn’t live with what he had done…He then proceeded to kill the person he held responsible, Himself. This shouldn’t be debated, it happened…it’s sad, it was a terrible loss to the world because he was an amazing wrestler, his wife and son loved him, and he them. But, it is a very different situation than say him coming home one night and deciding that he had enough of his wife and killed her, then decided to murder his son so as to leave no witnesses or whatever and then committed suicide to escape jail time…I mean really.
      I personally think that if the latter of the two was the case then, and only then, would the WWE’s stance on Chris Benoit be reasonable and even then only up to a certain point. By not showing any of his body of work you aren’t only rubbing him out of history, but also some of the best matches his opponents had in their careers.
      The fact that Benoit was mentally ill and the WWE is choosing to treat his accomplishments prior to his and his family’s demise as nonexistent is proof positive that they don’t care about anything outside of personal egos. I’m normally not one to make such statements, however…wouldn’t it make more sense that a company who preaches anti-bullying, and family values, and make-a-wish dreams also want to take a stance on mental illness as well? I mean they could sure put Nick Dinsmore on TV to make light of mental illness, but when someone dies shit just got real and the man who went on record nearly 100’s of times to defend the sport against steroids can only think of covering up another reality of the hazards of professional wrestling? I think not.
      Truth is, they chose the cowards way out instead of biting the bullet and making it a tale of caution for future stars…they choose to silently change policy on injuries so that there isn’t another “Benoit incident” but it’s not for the safety of the athletes, it’s for the protection of their bank balances, and the investors bottom line.
      In closing I’d like to say I will not pay another cent to WWE for DVD releases…I will watch things that are currently in my own collection and enjoy them…unedited, unfiltered, and true. You can make it so future generations might not have seen his brilliant life, but you can’t keep this generation from sharing what we know and love…Chris Benoit will always have a place in pro wrestling…even if it’s not in the WWE Universe. (thank God for the multi-verse theory)

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