Update on Finn Balor’s Status for WWE TLC

Finn Balor is still scheduled to face Drew McIntyre at WWE TLC. But now it seems like a recent turn for the worse in Balor’s health could put this match in jeopardy.

PWInsider is reporting that there has been no word on whether this match is even happening because Balor isn’t 100% cleared for physical contact yet. WWE doesn’t mess around with getting sick or contagious illnesses. It’s still unclear exactly what kind of illness Balor has, but it’s apparently something WWE won’t take their chances with.

Mike Johnson said, “I am leaning towards this match not happening.” It might be for the best because he was set to face McIntyre in a match he was likely going to lose.

Ironically, Finn Balor’s match at last year’s WWE TLC event needed to be changed because Bray Wyatt got the mumps and AJ Styles was flown in from in from South America to fill in to create a last-minute dream match. Balor was initially sent home from the South American tour during this latest illness.