Update On HBK’s In-Ring Future & The World Heavyweight Title Belt

Posted by Brad Davis December 18, 2013 8 Comments

- On last week’s episode of WWE RAW prior to TLC, WWE touted that it would be the last time fans would see the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight titles together. On this week’s show, Randy Orton surprisingly sported both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight titles with him for his Champion of Champions ceremony, as well as other segments throughout the show.

According to sources in WWE, it was a last minute decision to have Orton carry the World Heavyweight title on Monday’s show. In the near future, the WWE Championship belt introduced by The Rock earlier this year will be used as the sole WWE World Heavyweight title.

As noted on Monday, WWE added the World Heavyweight title to the “Retired Championships” section of WWE.com.

– Following Shawn Michaels’ surprise appearance on Monday’s RAW, people in WWE are still hopeful that they can convince him to wrestle at WrestleMania XXX. Despite their confrontation on RAW, there are no plans for Michaels to wrestle CM Punk. If Michales does return for one more match, it would be against Daniel Bryan.

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(Source: PWInsider.com)

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    • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

      come on HBK you know a match at mania vs DB would be INCREDIBLE!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

      • HBGay

        His hardcore fans will never want to see him comeback and lose… the crowd will be split. He’s too much of a face.

        • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

          HBK never won THAT much. For how great a champion he was he didnt have nearly as many reigns as Cena/HHH. The great thing about Shawn was that he ALWAYS stole the show even if he lost, which, a lot of the time, he did. Even in the iconic first ladder match against Razor, he lost. But people remember the performance HE put on.

          • Guest

            His back injury might’ve had a hand in him having fewer title reigns,

    • Kris Godwin

      As awesome as an HBK vs. Daniel Bryan mach sounds, I don’t think Shawn should come back. The last thing we need is yet another wrestler throw his retirement out the window for the sake of a cheap-pop.

      • Guest

        This isn’t like Ric Flair & Terry Funk though.

    • Vitorio

      DB, Jericho & Punk have no qualms about jobbing to HBK in exchange for a classic on their résumé. Macho Man wanted to job to HBK in his obsession to top his WM3 match.

    • MangoMan

      I’d rather see DX taking on Punk and Bryan.
      It might give us the opportunity to see the birth of the new and improved DX (Punk and Bryan).
      We already have seen glimpses of the feud, and a couple of months of tomfoolery by these 4 would be awesome.

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