Hulk Hogan Training For An In-Ring Return?

Posted by Matt Boone August 3, 2014 15 Comments

WWE Hall Of Famers Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart appeared at a meet and greet event in New Jersey on Saturday and revealed a couple of newsworthy notes during the appearance.

Hart mentioned the Hogan on RAW rumors, claiming he didn’t want to spoil anything, but that Hogan fans should watch RAW every week, especially next week.

Hogan himself spoke about training lately to possibly make a return to the ring, noting that John Cena would be the person he would most like to work with if he is able to wrestle another match.

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    • Steve

      Lol no please stay out of the ring, he was past it before he went to TNA

    • chrissi calvert

      Dear Hulk. please stay out of the ring. No one wants to see you wrestle again. Your “last” match in TNA was abysmal. So, for the love of your fans, dont do it!

      • Spencer Elliott

        That shit with Flair, Sting and Anyss was it? God almighty that was bad.

    • jack reacher

      this same article was posted back when legends house was on. poor job recycling articles for clicks.

    • Jeremy

      Hogan, please fully retire and save that ounce of dignity that you still have left. You “past” the torch on to Cena before and we dont care to see a repeat. You can barely get in the ring and we are afraid that you could be permanently crippled from a simple hip toss.

      • Pure_Heartache

        Technically Hogan passed the torch to The Rock. Rock passed it to Cena… Thank you that is all.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says the Chumpster had two moves in his prime (what a joke), an elbow & leg drop. He has to train for that? Hope Chump Hogan doesn’t re-enter the ring & make even more of an embarrassment out of himself.
      Btw, P.P. Johnny is STILL pissed that the Chumpstain beat the Iron Sheik for the belt.

      • Aakash Mehra

        LOL……P.P. Johnny is awesome.

      • PP Johnny Sux

        Holy hell your humor is worse than Britney Spears parenting skills and Hogan’s in ring ability after back surgery! I would put Save Us, but you may do an awful joke on Y2J next and the suicide rate of this country is already high enough, we do not need you aiding it!

        • P.P. Johnny

          P.P. Johnny would never criticize or rip on Chris Jericho, after all, he’s a fellow Metalhead. Y2J rocks!

    • KevinT1149

      No way would I want to see Hogan vs Cena. Have a old guy who cant wrestle and a current wrestler who cant wrestle…. Mistake waiting to happen. Hogan needs to face someone like Ziggler or if Punk was around it would be Punk because they can sell a match when its not suppose to be sold. Ziggler would sell like a champ and make Hogan look like a powerhouse even if his punch was slow and unbelievable. Give Hogan someone who can sell a move and carry a match for him and make Hogan look good dont give him Cena and make the match awful. You need a young fast guy taking on Hogan so it looks like a match.

    • hmw

      Hogan vs Hornswogle will be the great match of all time :p

    • Spencer Elliott

      I saw his last match in TNA, it was horrible. It was really bad.
      However, I still want to see him wrestle one more match. What’s wrong with me?

    • Plissken

      Maybe he’s just training for climbing in the ring…

    • TheMachineX2

      oh please that’s the last thing I want to see, old ass hulk throwing his soft slow clubbing blows, or shaking his head no right before going into his hulking up routine. -its so stale

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