Update On The Incident That Led To Alberto Del Rio’s Release, TNA Interested

Posted by Brad Davis August 8, 2014 19 Comments

New details are coming in regarding the backstage incident that led to Alberto Del Rio being released from WWE.

WWE noted that Del Rio was abruptly let go “due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” Shortly afterwards, reports came out that Del Rio slapped a member of WWE’s social media team.

According to f4wonline.com, the story going around this morning is that the whole thing started when somebody in catering (a staff member) asked WWE’s Social Media Manager to clean off his plate. The social media manager allegedly responded, “That’s Del Rio’s job.”

Word got back to Del Rio, who confronted the WWE employee. The Social Media Manager refused to apologize and smirked at Del Rio, which led to him getting slapped across the face.

It’s believed that Del Rio has a 90-day no-compete clause that would prevent him from working for TNA or Mexico’s AAA promotion.

Dave Meltzer noted that TNA is already trying to get in touch with Del Rio, asking around for his phone number.

Apparently, TNA already wants to make Del Rio the next TNA World Champion. “Next TNA champion is not a joke,” Meltzer said. “Dead serious.”

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    • Kenny Wood

      If this is true then the other guy is the one who should have been fired not Del Rio.

      • Brian

        Both are equally at fault. The other employee should have been fired all the same for any racist remarks made, but Del Rio was dumbass to put his hands on someone. Any other job, you still, at best, get a decent length suspension if you strike a co-worker, outside of anything that isn’t self-defense. This isn’t self-defense. This was him losing his temper over words, and for that, he’s just as much to blame as the other employee.

        • Guest

          No real man would let another insult him or his heritage if you’re big enough to make racist remarks you’re big enough to get the shit slapped out of you for them.

          Plus it’s okay for people do the shit that guys like Randy Orton has allegedly done over the years and gotten away with but when you’re making budget cuts and one of you’re guys does something that’s not even that reprehensible he gets the gate just because.

          • Brian

            No, point blank, if you are fucking stupid enough to, AT YOUR JOB, hit another co-worker, then you fucking deserve to lose your damn job. Get angry all you fucking want. But it shows someone is totally immature if they can’t control their rage, and avoid physical confrontation with another employee.

            • Guest

              Eventhough WWE’s no stranger to their employees getting into legit altercations with one another and virtually no one (except Jim Cornette) has gotten fired over it. Talk about being lax.

            • Brian

              So, your logic is that just because they haven’t done it in the past, means they shouldn’t start? Ever consider perhaps WWE is trying to take a stand that violence (the real kind, let’s note) in the workplace is not going to be tolerated in any way? Y’know, seeings as regardless of previous incidents, which all have their own circumstances, their own set of events, and their own individuals involved, they are more than free to start cracking down on workplace violence. Kinda not the image a multi-billion dollar company with very large sponsors, and very important share holders, wants to have. But hey, obviously, according to you, they shouldn’t have taken this action.

              Oh, and side note, go and reference a certain “plane ride” from 2002. Funny, because WWE certainly didn’t tolerate the behavior there, considering they fired both Scott Hall, and Curt Henning.

              The bottom line, is that we DON’T know how much this escalated, we DON’T know the severity, and all we can see is that obviously, as far as current day WWE was concerned, Del Rio did something heinous enough to result in his release. I’d say they have a much clearer picture on the situation than you or I, so I don’t really see how you can question their decision.

            • brian sucks on vince

              brian do the world a favorite and put your head up your ass and shut up

            • Brian

              How cute. I’ve made it big on the internet again. I’ve got someone copying my name in their title! Buddy, you’re going to have to try a LOT harder than that. I’ve been around way too fucking long.

    • David

      If this is true, and I doubt it is because it’s coming from that dick head Meltzer, then that would be just another reason for me not to watch TNA anymore

    • J.J

      Great, another wrestler to bring TNA down in flames

    • Big Al

      well that was a racist remark on the guy who said that it was del rio’s job to clean the plate. good that you got slapped, should have got your butt kicked.

    • Harms Way

      Hmm, I think Del Rio will be back after reading this. I think this will end up just like how Emma came back. WWE acts too quickly and doesn’t consider what happened til after.

    • FightFan

      Not sure if this story is true, but if is, then that’s messed up. It is in no way shape or form ever acceptable to put your hands on someone in the workplace, but to make a remark like that and refuse to apologize is insane. That guy should either be fired or suspended.

      • Brian

        Nice to see someone with some rationality on here. I’m sure that is how this will play out. The other guy, the dumb-fuck who decided to make blatantly racist remarks, will at best be suspended and docked quite a bit of pay for a decent length of time if I had to guess, and will likely be fired, but Del Rio did something just as bad in how he responded.

    • @mhmmdr13

      WWE is stupid .. they shouldn’t have fired him .. cant they just suspend him or something !!!!!!!!!!!!!???

      • Brian

        Probably should have been the course of action that was taken if you ask me (as far as I’m concerned, dock the pay of both involved (relative to what they make), and suspend them for a set period of time), but we don’t know that Del Rio hasn’t been in trouble before. You would probably imagine that WWE tries to keep some things under wraps, and if Del Rio has caused problems in the past, I can see why they would boot him.

        • Guest

          Randy Orton’s done a ton a shit over the years and he’s gotten nothing but pushes and title reigns to show for it.

          • Brian

            Orton has been caught smoking marijuana. And he took both of his suspensions for it. And it’s very likely that if he takes a third wellness policy violation, he WILL be fired. It’s not like this is the first time that WWE has let two time offenders slide. Both Hardy’s managed to keep their jobs after some pretty severe incidents (just using them as an example, simply because they are who came to mind), and many, many others were in the same situation.

            No denying, Orton is a POS, who has done a good job at making many people in the WWE dislike him, for a wide variety of reasons. But outside of smoking pot when he shouldn’t be, he hasn’t officially done anything that would get him fired.

    • hmw

      next tna whc ha ha haaaaaaaa.
      u r dead tna

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