Update On Jarrett’s New Wrestling Promotion, New Rumored Celebrity Investors

Posted by Matt Boone January 21, 2014 9 Comments

TNA founder Jeff Jarrett has reportedly met with a number of different potential investors for his new wrestling project. In addition to Toby Keith, Hermie Sadler is said to be another celebrity involved with the project.

Jarrett was said to be “blown away” by how many people that are interested in joining him.

As of right now, there is no set timetable in place for an official announcement on the new wrestling project from Jarrett.

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    • Undertaker316

      it would be interesting for jeff jarrett to start a wrestling promotion where the fans vote on the internet on business decisions hiring/firing,wrestlers heel/face status,who gets pushed and the fans post storylines

      • Kris Godwin

        If that happened – then the company would only last six months.

        • Spencer Elliott

          I’m inclined to agree, I think you’re right.
          However, in-app purchases for voting? Voting represents one third minority split amongst other judges/leads/owners?
          Do something like the x-factor format?
          Probably still won’t work, but you could do more with the concept than you first think…

    • TheMachineX2

      I support JJ , I definitely feel that another American Wrestling Co. is good for the industry. I would support it as a fan. Furthermore , despite all the haters I still love TNA, and Dixie Rock On Girl! – you are making the right decisions putting an emphasis on fresh faces out there.

      • had2makeanaccount2comment

        “despite all the haters I still love TNA. and Dixie Rock On Girl!” GET OUT NOW!!!

    • mikhailhoti

      All I ask for is Double J is for you to name it something normal and nothing stupid like TNA or impact.

      • had2makeanaccount2comment

        That is the last thing i’m worried about, the first being the fact that Jeff Jarrett still hasn’t confirmed it.

    • The MachineX2

      I think that he is the NEW investor for TNA that we be announced next week.

    • had2makeanaccount2comment

      When TNA started up it didn’t have a great deal of hope of any returned investment so Jarrett didn’t try to bring any good wrestlers in untill it got off the ground, expect a similar situation this time round where the roster is pretty bad but it starts to get interesting after about a year or so.

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