Update: John Cena Not Suffering From Groin Injury

Posted by Matt Boone March 2, 2014 7 Comments

Despite reports to the contrary, including one that we reported here as well, John Cena is not suffering from a groin tear (or groin strain). Apparently Cena is simply continuing to sell the attack from The Wyatt Family from Monday’s RAW.

Additionally, there was no admonition from doctors for Cena not to work this weekend. It is simply a case of Cena selling the attack and a way of explaining how he’s able to work at the weekend live events despite being “hospitalized” on television on Monday.

(Credit: F4WOnline.com)

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    • ScaredBystander


      • troll

        the bella twin gave cena a 2 hour long blow job

        • Vezio

          Neither Bella Twin should do that. Either of them doing something like that is degrading, lousy and wrong

      • SJ RKO’s My Hero 4 Life

        I’d want to physically fight against John Cena because of things he’s said, done, and how he behaves toward Randy Orton and myself!!! Also because of things happening in WWE that John Cena says and does things that piss me off and offend me!!!! He is making WWE suck because he’s now allowed to get “injured” and make it seem like he is legitimately hurt and injured! That sucks objectionably, detestably, hatefully, wrongfully and worse than completely insulting!!!!

    • DudeChillAlready24wrestling!

      With all of this hype, you’d think he’d be having a match at Wrestlemania against his own groin.

      • D

        LOL still a better match than Batista vs Orton.

        • Aggrochick1

          Orton not teaming up with me in the ring from wherever I’ve got a seat…..whether it’s in a house show match, PPV match or whatever…and both of us NOT TEAMING UP & kicking ass on both John Cenachump and Daniel Bryan SUCKS!!!!!

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