Breaking News: John Cena Undergoing Surgery After SummerSlam

Posted by Matt Boone August 13, 2013 11 Comments

As we reported yesterday, current WWE Champion John Cena’s elbow injury is worse than is being let on. While the specific severity of the injury is unclear at this point, it is known that his arm is in really bad shape.

According to reports, Cena’s injury is bad enough that last week WWE officials made the decision for him not to wrestle until the SummerSlam pay-per-view this Sunday. Additionally, Cena is reportedly going to be taking time off after the match to have surgery on the arm, which could keep him out of action for a while.

Whether or not this means Daniel Bryan will win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam is anyone’s guess, but odds are pretty likely that he will if Cena won’t be around after the pay-per-view. Then again, Money In The Bank winner Randy Orton could always walk out of the building as WWE Champion as well.


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    • Mr 561

      Welp, it’s looking more and more that Daniel Bryan is going to get his big win this Sunday .. The real question is whether Randy Orton cashes in and spoils the party

      • Darwin

        I’m hoping so. Bryan’s a good wrestler, he just doesn’t do much for me. And the last year + as a comedy act didn’t help much, despite being somewhat entertaining.

        • Mr 561

          Bryan is a world-class pro wrestler and is the most over performer in WWE right now. WWE has missed the boat so many times in situations like this – they have a chance on Sunday to push Daniel Bryan to the moon. Especially with John Cena taking time off – give Bryan a chance.

    • Bam Bam

      The way this Summerslam is lookin they did a better job of hype it up better than they did Wrestlemania.

    • Undertaker316

      this doesn’t mean daniel bryan will win they could have john cena win and then randy orton comes out cashes in on a tired john cena from the match he just had and with a bad arm beat john cena and orton is champion which will probably lead to a triple threat match on the next ppv for the wwe champion ship

    • dgreen49

      just curious but who confirmed that he was having surgery and is taking time off for sure?

    • Name

      Randy will get the championship no question.

    • david c deorien wisdom lovejoy

      Arouse of curious if this is true. And perhaps bryan beat cena and randy orton cash in. Day after night of champions get of respect or smalll title regins. And one on one orton vs the rock since rock is still #3contender since mania. And wwe universe want it
      Orton vs rock for wwe title. Rock vs cena 3 would suck. But orton vs rock will be better. Than punk cena battle with rock. And cena shameus are. Out. Than rock undertaker stone cold jericho. The miz. Lesner curtis axel. Rvd ziggler drew mcintire. season
      Stone cold vs punk
      stone cold vs. Orton vs dean ambrose
      And punk vs nash punk vs kurt angle
      And wrestlemania 32 undertaker vs rock vs kurt angle =draw or submit win by kurt angle.
      Cena think he beats the streak in 2014-2015 manias and inmature overflow peculair bizzare strong to beat streak and cena got injury by orton batista hhh. Only the rock
      injury cena mind and faith and joy and I WHOLEHEARTLY KNOW UNDERTAKER DO THE SAME. And cena would retried by guilt not injury or ex-wife marriage another wrestler. Genesis 32:18-23. Will make cena lose by guilt. Pass over this face. Cena got my respect five time
      Wrestlemania21. Unforgiven2006. Extreme rules 2012
      Breaking ponit. Cybersunday2005Tlc2010/royal rumble2013.
      But really he only remember for 4loss in career and it
      dam wroung. And disgrace only 4remember great loss. And wow great and blessing but not godly record card

      I always. wannted. Cena vs nash vs jericho and have triple H as ref. Or stone cold and yes cena never have austin be the ref in a career win or loss and why I honor him or the jerk. What up with that wwe and vince

      • Condor84

        Dude, seek some professional help.

    • david c deorien wisdom lovejoy

      Cena only got my respect for wrestle mania21 tlc 2010 extreme rule 2012 unforgiven 2006 royal rumble 2013 breaking ponit 2009
      And orton vs the rock will be best wwe title match this year when orton cash in before. Battlegrounds or hell in the cell or Monday after on daniel bryan. Because cena arm and back royal rumble. .. 2014 where punk wins.
      Push cena jericho jake the snake stone cold mark herry ziggler with easy blessing
      And one called the rock is still #3contender for orton cash in. Wwe title. … and again in rumble just add stone cold as ref

    • david c deorien wisdom lovejoy

      Undertaker vs the rock vs kurt angle wrestlemania32 and cena never beat the. Streak but kurt angle return will be great for angle. And bet cena can’t bet angle in 2014-17 return. And ziggler will never be in kurt angle league and cailbur nor real americans. Or kane. Daniel bryan
      And jericho vs kurt angle vs cena and angle first ppv back or second ppv. Cena will never wins. 3-5royal rumble. But austin and angle could. Like jericho too if vince and triple h want it.

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