Update On Hogan/TNA Situation, Video Of This Week’s Hogan/Dixie Carter Segment

Posted by Matt Boone September 28, 2013 5 Comments

For those asking why the main event segment on next week’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling goes down the way it does with Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter, one source simply said, “creative control.”

Anyone who wants to know what that means, check out the full Impact Wrestling spoiler report, which is available right now on the newsboard.

Speaking of Hogan and Dixie, for those who missed it, the final segment from this week’s live edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV is available online at YouTube.com.

[Partial Credit: PWInsider.com]

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    • Thank you JR

      JR, I wish you all the best for your retirement, however, I feel that WWE badly let you and the fans down when they threw you off the announcers desk. WWE TV just hasn’t been the same without your commentary every week. If they had any sense at all they would have still been utilising your talents. THEIR LOSS!

    • v2787

      JR was the best wresting announcer ever. The WWE screwed up badly when they shunted him aside. He’s a class act and deserves happiness in his retirement. All the best to him.

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      its not a work hogan is leaving his contract is up

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      ps i care less about jr

    • yoyo

      If Hogan wants to stay, then f**k it! Move him to the concession stand! That’ll sell some tickets! Want some chips with that, brother!

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