Update On Hulk Hogan’s Future With WWE/TNA, WWE Hall of Fame & WM30

Posted by Brad Davis October 10, 2013 11 Comments

With Hulk Hogan currently a free agent, most people within WWE believe that he’ll wind up back with TNA. That said, there is still interest in negotiating with Hogan to bring him in for WrestleMania XXX. At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to how much money TNA is willing to offer him.

There are plans to induct either Randy Savage or the Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame. In the event that either man is inducted, WWE wants Hulk Hogan to induct them.

WWE wants a big legend to be part of a match at WrestleMania, to help make the 30th anniversary show feel special and to help keep the buyrate over 1 million buys. With The Rock and Steve Austin most likely not wrestling, WWE could make Hogan a strong offer to get him on board. Last year’s WrestleMania numbers came in lower than expected and the feeling is that The Rock’s drawing power has diminished.

If WWE’s unable to get either Hogan, Rock or Austin to wrestle, another selling point for the show could be hyping the Undertaker’s match as his retirement match.

(Information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was used in this report)

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    • ww

      That last wrestlrmania had lower numbers because almost everyone knew Cena a would beat The Rock

    • bluebook

      The last Wrestlemania sucked.

      • The Troll Hunter

        The last couple of wrestlemania’s sucked!

    • Rockman Rex

      The last good WrestleMania was WM25. It was the last good Mania that ended the 2000’s decade. Since then it slowly went down hill from there since the turn of 2010’s decade. WM XXX is the mid point, so we’ll see how it turn out.

      • Kage

        WM25? Good?

        Way to lose all credibility there.

    • yoyo

      Wait… Hogan inducting Warrior into the Hall of Fame? That won’t work, they hate each other! As for Savage, he made it clear that he would only get inducted with his father/brother as “The Poffos,” but there are still too many NWA workers in WWE who hate Angelo Poffo for competing against them with his own league, ICW.

      • Hollywood HOgan

        I’m going to finally put Savage over, brother!

      • viper

        Too bad too many WWE sheep believe the rumor that Savage popped Stephanie’s cherry. The heat from the NWA guys kept Angelo Poffo out of so many classic events like the 1987 Old Timers Royal Rumble. Now it is keeping Savage out of the Hall of Fame.

    • Ecco

      Have Honky Tonk Man induct Warrior and Hogan induct The Poffos, Leaping Lanny can accept it.

      • Real Kurt Angle

        Get Gene Okerlund to induct the poffo family. The Savage/Okerlund promos are classic! It’s true!

    • susan

      hogan wont be inducting he should be inducted along with nash and hall as the faction that was the nwo

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