Update on JBL at SmackDown, People Questioning Fan Incident, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 11, 2012 6 Comments

- Davey Boy Smith Jr. (David Hart Smith) and Lance Archer won the IWGP Tag Team Titles from Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima in Tokyo, Japan on October 8th as New Japan Pro Wrestling held their first-ever internet pay-per-view. The rematch will take place on November 11th in Osaka.

– The reported reason JBL is working SmackDown this week in place of Michael Cole is because Cole is now doing Main Event on Wednesday nights. No word yet if they will keep the same announce teams next week.

– We noted before that when the CM Punk fan incident first happened at RAW, people in the company expected consequences. Now a lot of people are questioning why no disciplinary action has been taken, noting that in the past wrestlers have gotten in a lot of trouble for hitting fans. It’s unlikely that anything will happen to Punk right now because WWE can’t afford to have him off the road.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Broski

      CM Punk already apologises to the fan and WWE universe although he was one of the victims. The ultimate disrespect came when a fan hit Punk in the head. Who’s not going to be angry at that?

      What I’m trying to say is that it’s normal for some wrestlers do go to the audience territory for the sake of storyline. Hence, nobody saw the incident coming. I guess the persons to be blamed here are the fans abusing Punk. They know that they cannot abuse a Wrestler by punching, pushing, hitting in the head, that really is a FOUL MOVE!!!

      • Common Sense

        And don’t forget security, they sure as hell weren’t doing their that night. If they did, this incident wouldn’t have even happened.

        • Broski

          I thought of that while I was writing the comment, but then again, I think that wrestlers like Edge and Sandman don’t have Security behind them when they were in audience territory. So nobody really saw it comming when it comes to Punk. The difference is that Edge and Sandman were faces, while Punk is a heel. I guess lessons learned here for WWE.

    • hbk4ever

      It was security. Fault they should have been in position also the fans kept hitting. Punk I do feel sorry for the fan who got hit cuz some jacka$$ shoved him into punk so he thought it was him and back handed him it just sucks. Cuz if security were doing there job this could have been prevented

    • Punks a Biotch

      So I walk down the road someone pushes me i push who i thought pushed me i get arrested… punk does it and its about $$…

      • kaneanight

        I think it might havr been scripted.. Look at the thing earlier this week where wrestlers. Been saying to vince wwe is going downhill…this week raw was good first raw in nearly 9 months that I hace watched fully..the rest I dont bother..i skip past every match to see who won…finally shit getting better..storyline allwayd good when vince is in it

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