Update On Kurt Angle’s Rehab, Details On Shark Boy Week, More

-According to multiple sources within TNA, the general feeling seems to be that rehab is the place for Kurt Angle right now. Some questioned whether Angle had a problem, or was just the victim of bad luck in getting caught so frequently. Wrestlers and other friends in TNA are claiming that Angle belongs in rehab right now, and are hopeful that it will work out for Angle and finally clean up his lifestyle.

-TNA Impact Wrestling is capitalizing on the popularity of The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” by promoting “Shark Boy Week” on their official website. For more information, visit ImpactWrestling.com.

Speaking of Shark Boy, he was recently interviewed by MTV and GuyCode as part of their Shark Week coverage. You can check out those interviews online at GuyCodeBlog.MTV.com.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]

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