Update On Reddit User Who Spoils Outcomes To WWE PPV Matches

Posted by Matt Boone August 19, 2013 10 Comments

For those keeping tabs on the Reddit user who has a flawless track-record of predicting the outcomes to matches on WWE pay-per-view events, here’s the latest on him.

Apparently, the predictions posted on several websites, including this one, attributed to the Reddit user were not actually his picks. The infamous “Dolphins” did mention that he still has his source, but did not post anything on the forum-website.

He did, however, mention that he set up an official Twitter account, and would be posting his predictions on that platform. The streak continued, as he correctly predicted the outcomes to all three of the matches he posted picks for. Those matches were the Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk match, where he correctly picked Lesnar, the Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian match, where he correctly picked Del Rio and the Bray Wyatt vs. Kane match, where he correctly picked Wyatt.

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    • tony

      Well, those three outcomes were obvious, everyone could guess those right. But who is the snitch ?

    • sum guy that was at summerslam

      Imma give this guy a cookie, cuz I don’t have any fucks to give about his or anyone else’s “preditions” for PPV matches!

      • Kurt angle

        Preditions? With a broken freakin neck!!!

        • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus

          So can you break your neck with a broken freakin neck?

    • ChrisUK92

      I predicted those results as well. Do I have an insider in WWE? No. I used something called common sense

    • jericho

      Bullshit this website posted his choosings last night and he got one of them right. He chose rvd winning the belt, sandow,, big e, cena, and orton. And he chose kane. None of that happened. The only one that was right was del rios boring bitch ass waste of life.

    • Jerkmeowoff

      Awesome so he is a millionare from gambling on Bovada?

    • Reddit User 2007

      I predict on June 24 2007, Chris Benoit will win a home death match via FLYING DAD BOMB!!!

      • piLLow


    • dubbdadon

      I am the insider. HHH and I meet a IHop every Saturxay where he tells me every winner for the week. I have to pay for breakfast though

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