Update On RVD Going To WWE Or TNA, New TNA Video Game, More

Posted by Michael Bluth May 16, 2013 17 Comments

Rob Van Dam recently teased that he has signed with WWE or TNA, but according to reports he has not been speaking with TNA. Make of that what you will.

According to reports, TNA is close to securing a deal for a new official video game release.

The TNA live event in Birmingham, Alabama last Friday, May 10, drew 350 fans.

  • morrisonfanone

    I hope he’s signed with WWE. TNA really misused him.

    • Wildcat77

      If he’s able to pass a drug test…which I hope I want him back in WWE…

  • hmw

    Oh.TNA not agin tna just waste rvd. signed with wwe

  • Guest663552277338447623

    Yay because WWE needs more old broken down wrestlers with ego problems. WWE has a plethora of young hungry talent that is dying to get out from under the shadow of stale horrible faces like Cena, Orton, and Sheamus. Why would WWE take back the garbage they already shipped to TNA? Do you go down to the dump to find the old coffee filters and banana peels you threw out last week?

    • jussayin

      if i recall correctly rvd refused to resign with wwe because of the heavy schedule like angle did as well…

      definetely a guy that can deliver ppv matches if put in the right program

    • Ice

      You classify Orton and Sheamus stale??? Dude you must be really blind when it comes to in-ring action. Now RVD is not broken down, as he can keep up with the younger talent, and he’s one without an EGO Problem.

      • Guest34432234533

        Randy Orton is the WWE’s version of Diamond Dallas Page. He exists for the pop he gets when he hits the RKO out of “nowhere”. He is a stale character without any visible signs of charisma. Sheamus may not be stale but he is a racist petulant child. This latest feud with Mark Henry should show that clear enough for even you to follow. And lastly, yes RVD is broken down. Compare old ECW or even WWE footage with what he has done in TNA. He’s a chunky shadow of his former self.

        • Amanda Hugenkiss

          Wha the fuck at Sheamus being racist? Are wrestling fans really this stupid these days?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Al-Oli/1191330090 Al Oli

        They are stale. They are not entertaining at all. Never were never will be.

  • Muzlimboy

    All I want to hear again on raw is ONE OF A KIND YEAH

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.williams.509994 Nicholas Williams

    RVD vs. CM Punk would be the best feud in WWE right now… and it dont even have to be for a title.

  • RoyTheManiac

    RING OF HONOR!!!!!

    • Nicholas Williams

      yeah he should definately went to a company that puts their world title on a tag team wrestler then releases him without having him drop the title. makes their former champion look weak… couldnt let him win over someone you was getting rid of anyways.

  • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

    Are you SERIOUS? a NEW TNA game? YES! YES! YES! YES! Surely because EVERYONE went out and bought that game they had, right? Huh? No one bought it? Your kidding, right? Tell me your lying! Swear to God? No ONE bought it?

    • I.P.Freely

      i bought it on clearance for a buck a few years later.

  • jerichooooo

    If Orton went back to being a heel he could dominate and it would make sense, but as usual WWE uses him wrong… Sheamus is lame and so is big show so what do you expect when you shove Orton in there…I think he’s a cleaner wrestler than most guys and is very fluid in the ring…he just needs a new boost..

  • Punk, Brock , RvD

    Um Paul heyman teased a 3rd singing, is this really rocket science here. It’s dominance plain and simple

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