Update on Stipulations for Top Matches at WWE TLC

Posted by Matt Boone November 20, 2012 8 Comments

- We noted earlier that local advertisements in the New York City area were advertising several matches for next month’s WWE TLC pay-per-view. We now have the stipulations and those matches being advertised are:

* Tables Match for the WWE Title: Ryback vs. CM Punk

* Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Sheamus vs. Big Show

* TLC Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

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    • King James

      A tables match just means that the NXT “invaders” can put Ryback through a table (again) and CM Punk retains.
      A chairs match with Big Show and Sheamus gives Big Show a chance to punch a chair (again), and most likely he will retain. Again.
      John Cena in another TLC match?
      C’mon WWE. Let’s get at least a little original.

      How’s this? Ryback vs. Punk in a traditional match with the NXT invaders banned. If they show, Punk loses his title. Ryback doesn’t lose, but he doesn’t pin Punk in time. Ryback doesn’t look weak, and Punk retains.
      Big Show and Sheamus in a tables match. Sheamus won his first title in a tables match, but putting Big Show through a table is easier said than done.
      John Cena and Ziggler in a ladder match.

      • Bird 2.0

        Either way Punks gonna be champ at Royal Rumble and lose to Rock

        • King James

          Exactly. They’re pushing Ryback, but they want Punk to retain the belt. I’m thinking they should have pushed Ryback to the IC or US title first.

          • Ice

            having pushed Ryback to the WWE title, knowing that Punk will just retain to give it to The Rock is the dumbest thing ever. I mean are these script writers that ignorant to know that they gave a prediction so early, that we dont even need to see the matches any more to know who would win. They should let the fans who love wrestling be the new writers

    • Jericho

      Well since creatives don’t give a F about what people on sites like this want to see and let’s face it there won’t be any big changes to these matches i’d say just wait for Royal Rumble cause that’s when things will change a bit.But hopefully there will be added TLC tag team match to the ppv.

    • Lincoln

      Ryback will win by DQ when Shield (Reigns,Ambrose,Rollins) will put him trough table.
      Show will beat Sheamus
      Ziggler will and must defeat Cena because of upcoming WHC capturing
      Team Hell No will beat Rhodes and Sandow in TLC match
      Kingston will retain against Barrett
      Cesaro will retain against R-truth
      Aj wil fight Tamina
      Don’t know about Orton and Miz but would be good to see them in ring there.
      Plus Christian’s return will make things a bit less boring.

      • Hollow Bonez

        Not trying to rain on your parade but there’s no DQ in a tables match kid -.- it wouldve made more sense if you said that “The Shield” would put Ryback into a table, costing him the match.

        • Linoln

          Well ok.My mistake.But it’s quite clear that they will be there and will cost Ryback the match.

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