Update on the World Title Situation, Feud Discussed for Big E Langston

Posted by Matt Boone May 15, 2013 11 Comments

- The idea with the Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio contenders match at Extreme Rules is that the winner will get their World Heavyweight Title shot on RAW as soon as Dolph Ziggler is able to compete. That way, everything will be back on track for the next pay-per-view.

– As of now, WWE is planning on doing a strongman vs. strongman battle with Big E Langston and Mark Henry at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Source: F4Wonline.com

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    • morrisonfanone

      Does that mean it’s going to be a heel vs. heel match? Because I can’t see Big E or Mark being a face anytime soon.

      • jussayin

        turn big e on ziggler and you’ve got a face

        • Wildcat77

          Good idea, but would it really turn Big E full fledge face???…we all know Dolph is a heel, but not everyone perceives him that way…I think your idea might work better if it was used the other way around, have him turn on Dolph and have Dolph turn face…the feud could be very entertaining…if Dolph is champ, then that also gives you another monster heel in the World Title picture…idk tho, it’s just an idea, not tryna take away anything from yours…they also have to start booking Langston better if they expect us to buy into him as well…

          • jussayin

            just thought of the rumor that he’s kaitlyn’s secret admirer, so you could start a program ziggler/aj kaitlyn/big e as i doubt ziggler will stay whc that long, because of the way he is booked lately….

            • Wildcat77

              I didn’t think about that at all…you have a great point with that scenario….in just wondering how much the fans would buy into him as a babyface…sumbody correct me if I’m wrong tho…

            • Ice

              He needs a new outfit….His NXT and WWE Debut outfit was ok, since its just like Rybacks, and Mark Henry’s outfit….but now idk why he changed it

          • Sheila Belue

            Maybe Dolph will comeback and can’t remember he’s a heel or being involved with AJ or Big E , that wood some kind a story to do.

            • morrisonfanone

              That’s a good idea. Better than anything Creative’s done this year so far.

        • morrisonfanone

          Very true.

    • Mueller

      strongman vs. strongman? that match will stink out the entire building…

    • Edge

      One thing WWE creative team should consider is Fatal 4-way match for WHC.Ziggler(C) vs Swagger vs Del Rio vs Christian.I would love it if Christian would interrupt WHC match between Ziggler and Del Rio.As for Big E I think Ziggler will break up with Aj insulting both her and Big E thus making Big E attack Ziggler and turn face.This might actually work since there is rumor that Ziggler might become next Paul Heyman guy.

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