Update on TNA’s Announcement Involving YouTube

Posted by Matt Boone May 9, 2013 7 Comments

- As noted earlier, TNA is expected to make a major announcement involving their partnership with YouTube.

The word making the rounds in TNA is they plan on offering the paid subscription services that WWE passed up on. As of this writing, there is no indication that the deal is finalized, however it’s consider a “lock.” YouTube is said to have approached TNA about the offer.

YouTube is expected to start making announcements next week about their paid channels.

Source: PWInsider

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    • morrisonfanone

      Who would pay for that? Just curious.

    • Update

      BiG NeWs!! No One Cares!!

    • LostFan

      How nice, my cable company just announced they’re moving Spike from the normal lineup to a paid theme pack, and now I can’t even keep up on YouTube? Sorry TNA, guess you just lost another fan.

    • Chain Gang

      They need the money to pay Hogan’s/Bischoff’s salary.

      • morrisonfanone

        And nobody else’s.

    • asskatchum

      LMAO this company just keeps the comedy coming.

    • Los

      You see I don’t think people realize how important Stone Cold Steve Austin and the attitude era was to wrestling. I honestly think that if didn’t fall into their lap there wouldn’t really be a wrestling industry left with so many bad decisions. Vince would have lost the ratings war, WCW would have won, but would have still gotten cancelled because of mismanagement, and ECW was to hardcore for TV. There would be nothing really happening. WWE can get a way with so many mistakes and drop the ball some many times because they have turned themselves into a multi-billion dollar company and has evolved past wrestling. TNA on the other hand is still something of an unknown to people, a vacation spot for old WWE talent that don’t want the fulltime grind of the road to get big fat pay days and not work as much. No one on a big level knows who TNA is and they want to charge you to watch their awful program is crazy. It’s another long list of bad wrestling decisions at that company and honestly will continue until that place goes out of buiness. I can tell you that Vince McMahon will realize that CM Punk, Zigler, and Antino are are big assets before TNA gets their act together.

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