Update On TNA’s Creative Team Chaos & Russo’s Release

Source: Pwinsider.com

Here is the latest on the shakeup within TNA creative…

* Sources within TNA have indicated that Vince Russo was released from his position of lead writer in the company at some point last week. Russo had been working with Matt Conway on writing the show scripts, which were then sent onto Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff for tweaking and final approval.

* Dave Lagana was at the TV tapings this week. The company first hired him for the Ring Ka King project as well as other off shoot projects like All Wheels Wrestling. Lagana helped out at the tapings with production, as well as offering feedback and creative input. Going forward it appears as if Lagana will be working with Conway on show scripts, but he is not considered a replacement for Russo at this time

* Lagana job title is “Creative Director,” which was given to him when the company first hired him.

* Russo was considered a top confidante of Dixie Carter, and looked at as a scapegoat to many who blamed things they didn’t like about TNA on Russo.