Update On TNA’s Future, Kurt Angle’s Status For Bound For Glory

Posted by Brad Davis October 3, 2013 6 Comments

- As of this writing, returning TNA star Kurt Angle is not scheduled to wrestle at Bound For Glory later this month. Angle will still be at the event, as he’s being inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame that weekend.

– Regarding the future of TNA, the outlook is mixed. While the general feeling is that TNA will continue to exist through 2014 because Spike TV does not want to lose one of their top shows.

There remains a strong possibility that the Carter family will sell the struggling promotion over the next 12 months. In the event that TNA is in fact sold, the company would likely undergo a major transformation.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Clay Edwards

      a BIG what if here, but “what if” Stone Cold & Jim Ross purchased TNA? I know I sound like some fanboy but that is something that if backed by Spike you could see being able to be a true #2 company to wwe over time.

      • Aj Storm

        Why would Stone Cold buy TNA? Especially when their is no major profit at all!

    • Ecco

      I knew adding Hogan was a bad decision by TNA, but I didn’t expect him to ruin and drive them out of business.

    • tak161

      I don’t know about Austin and Ross buying it, but I could see Vince McMahon swooping in and buying it. Vince loves to have a monopoly on the wrestling business, so I could see him buying TNA, and probably at a bargain price much like he did with WCW.

      If he did, and kept it as a completely separate brand, I think a new wrestling boom could be seen. Just imagine TNA’ s roster with WWE’ s creative process. Maybe our work it out as the power struggle that’s about to happen with Vince and HHH, whoever ends up losing could run TNA as competition to the other. Probably won’t happen, but I think it would be a possible scenario.

      • Koolaid

        Fine with me but I just don’t want it turning into another WWE Superstars lol.

    • Dylan

      If Vince does buy it I hope he runs TNA as a PG 14 program and keep the PG cena crap on raw. That way we have a program for kids and a program for teens/ Adults

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