Update on What Randy Orton May Have Tested Positive For, Rikishi’s Son Training

Posted by Matt Boone June 14, 2012 8 Comments

- Tamiko Fatu, the younger son of former WWE star Rikishi, has been training with his father at his wrestling school in California. Tamiko is either 18 or 19 years old and looks just like his father in the face.

– F4Wonline.com reports that Randy Orton tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, causing him to fail a WWE Wellness test and be suspended for 60 days. Orton was telling people that he took a tainted supplement that contained the testosterone, causing him to fail. Orton reportedly said he didn’t do it on purpose but acknowledged that he should have been more careful.

SuperLuchas.net earlier reported that Orton tested positive for Dianabol, an orally-effective anabolic steroid that was commonly used by bodybuilders until Congress banned it under the Controlled Substances Act. Those reports were unconfirmed.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • dr. john christopher

      other than fresh organic herbs straight or in teas… No one should be taking processed supplements.

    • mistico

      So that’s what kids are calling it these days, “tainted supplement.”

    • GhostDistortion

      Randy Orton, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmeiro….they’re all the same. Just a bunch of roid heads that lie until they are blue in the face. Just be a man and take responsibility. Stop making excuses and blaming trainers or supplements or claiming ignorance. Just be a man and admit you screwed up and stop taking the gas.

      • Giant Haystax

        Who cares if he took them or not? All wrestlers should use them, just like in the good old 80s. Bring on the roid freaks imo

        • GhostDistortion

          Sure, that way they can all be dead by 35…just like the guys from the 80’s. Rick Rude, Curt Henning, Big Bossman, etc.

          • kindred1313

            Well no one can tell me Otunga or Ryback doesn’t use, It plane as the nose on my face. Also If they all died after 35 at least we would get fresh talent and not have guys hang around past there time and get stale

    • sleaze-is-legit

      oh no.. more Usos! rock is lucky he didnt have a son! these nepotist biatchs are flooding the system..

      and poor Joey Ryan cant catch a break! ;)

      • joe-eee-ryan

        what’s next HBK’s 12 year old son comes in and teams with D-Bry?.. yeah! poor Joey

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