Update On The Original Sin Cara Leaving WWE & The Character’s Future

Posted by Brad Davis December 4, 2013 7 Comments

On Monday’s RAW, WWE superstar Hunico wrestled as Sin Cara, while the original Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) was in Mexico. According to a report by PWInsider, Alvirde was informed on Monday that he won’t be brought back to television.

Hunico will be working as Sin Cara in the coming weeks – but there’s also talk of WWE bringing somebody up from NXT to play the character.


Despite the fact that Alvirde is getting the blame for why “Sin Cara” has been a flop so far, WWE still sells a ton of Sin Cara merchandise and they are hopeful that recasting the role will give it a better chance of succeeding.

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    • Shockmaster

      Urm, why not just have Hunico play him? He is better than the original and if they use someone from NXT, how would they explain the “new tattoo” that Sin Cara arrparently has?

      • bluebook

        They no longer “explain” things as much as they brush it under the rug and pretend no one noticed.

      • ewad

        Maybe they can just have HHH ask him what happened to his tattoo – like when Kofi Kingston mysteriously lost his Jamaican accent.

    • hmw

      zamei zain

    • The Troll Hunter

      This is why WWE’s ignorance is astounding. They seek out a lucha high flyer, they don’t train their wrestlers in that style, then they get mad when his matches don’t work out & none of the wwe wrestlers can’t work with him & pull off a la mistica. If you noticed, all the indy guys he’s ever had a match with in WWE had great matches with him while the WWE trained half-assed entertainers were horrible.

      ***Also, you’re an idiot if you think Hunico is a better than mistico, you’re an imbecile. There’s a reason why Mistico was the 2006 high flyer of the year. Mostly everything about wwe sucks.

      • Too Cool

        You must’ve never seen Hunico wrestle in Mexico

    • yoyo

      So they bring Sin Cara in as Rey’s replacement, but don’t train anyone in basic lucha style to make him look good?
      Dammit Miz 3.0!!

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