Update On Plans For The Shield vs. Evolution, Extreme Rules Matches

Posted by Matt Boone April 10, 2014 15 Comments

While nothing has been officially announced at this point, the plan for the main event angle heading into the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, which takes place on May 4th at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is The Shield vs. Evolution. The angle was shot for this rumored match during the post-WrestleMania edition of WWE RAW this past Monday night in New Orleans.

The actual match itself is unknown at this point, although it is expected that Ric Flair will not be involved in the Evolution side of things.

The only question coming out of the angle shot at RAW, is whether or not Kane or Triple H will be the third person on the Evolution side, or if both are part of the equation and Daniel Bryan will be added to The Shield team to make it an eight-man tag-team match. Based on the RAW angle, one would assume it is the latter.

Also rumored for Extreme Rules is a rematch between John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • k5gv

      WTF?! I read the idiotically stupid completely suckfest so-called ending to tomorrrow’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown and that a-hole Bryan and those losers The Shield got the win handed to them. Sickening. Infuriating. Bad. Extremely poor booking and retarted. suckfest crap storylines are all that WWE is coming up with these days. They don’t care at all that fans want to see Randy Orton, Batista as babyfaces and good guys, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Shield as heels and bad guys!

      Wait…I forgot….WWE doesn’t actually care what anyone wants anymore anyhow. They’re only interested in pretending to care about doing what’s right instead of actually doing what’s right these f—king days!!!
      Maybe WWE is trying to convince people to buy into the things they want them to buy into…like the WWE Network and to have to keep around the WWE Power 25 and Daniel Bryan’s stupid, moronically pathetic suckfest “Yes” movement which is a way to con people out of their money and a way to insult anyone who wants to like other guys in WWE but….there is a problem. People can’t like who they want to like anymore and that SUCKS!!!

      • Angry Hopeless Youth

        having bryan as champion is yet another insult and slap in the face to all the other guys in WWE and to all the WWE audience.

        • Breveski

          I don’t like Daniel Bryan, The Shield, John Cena, or any of the guys WWE’s telling me that they believe to be or who they say…..are suddenly, so-called “good guys”.
          I used to enjoy WWE and thought they were extremely entertaining, believable, fun to watch and respectful. It used to be that way. Not anymore. Those who should be main eventing against John Cena, Daniel Bryan, etc….aren’t allowed to do so. Worse yet, the WWE has guys who should be destroying and decapitating and demolishing the demons in WWE like—Daniel Bryan, John Cena, The Shield, and those siding with them…..guys who deserve to be babyfaces — Randy Orton, Batista, etc… are having to be heelish fucking suckfest bad guys and are harming people who want to like them but who can’t do that and it sucks tremendously sour and repugnantly.
          No, I can’t just go to a pro wrestling show and take a gun and use it on guys in WWE who I hate and dislike. Because if I were to do that, I’d be judged and labeled as being “violent” and that would cause WWE security to call the police on me and then put me into a hospital, where I’d be forced to go to the hospital’s psychiatric ward where I’d be kept even though I’m not wrong for wanting to harm people in WWE for harming me. But despite this fact, they continue to do so and to get away with doing so.
          Also the other problem is that if you want to harm guys who have harmed wrestlers you like or have liked or whatever….now it’s to the damn point that you can’t even do that anymore in an effective way!
          That totally sucks worse than hell!!

          • Alex

            All you bitches are hipsters who hate faces cause people cheer for them. I bet if cm punk, who you cry for to come back, actually did return you’d bitch and moan. You’re why wwe doesn’t know what the hell to do you cry and bitch and moan that someone like daniel bryan (who deserves to be the top guy) doesn’t get the title yet when he gets booked in a way that no face has been since stone cold you complain and call him an a-hole. Just shut up and enjoy what they are giving us because I’m sorry your lil stone cold steve austin is to old and hurt to wrestle and rock actually having something nice away from wwe to do is not around but Jesus at least wwe and people like d bryan are trying. It’s not the attitude era and I wouldn’t honestly want my kids to be around something like that so I’m happy with d bryan and I’m sick of people like you sitting on your ass complaining get the hell over it and do something productive. Good day

            • Rooter

              Preach on Alex!!! Im with you 110%!!!

          • Alex

            I mean seriously the fact that you’d wanna shoot people makes you a loser and you make wwe and people who love wwe passionately a fucking joke and make us look bad and feel embarrassed to say we love it so seriously keep your complaints to your damn self

          • SJ

            Just what the fucking hell is this anyway?!
            Orton not being a clean shaven babyface singles wrestler like he’s supposed to be and him having to not kick ass on guys like:
            John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, The Shield, etc….and now, all of a friggin’ sudden—he’s got to team up with other guys who were once in Evolution but now he suddenly has to be in a tag team situation?! That’s stupid pathetic garbage.
            People are still taking unfair advantage of Randy Orton, and others in WWE as well I’d bet. Not like anyone can do anything satisfying about it though since integrity, loyalty, goodness and justice has evaporated in WWE and that won’t fucking change!
            Randy’s not allowed to return to being the clean shaven
            Viper and kicking guys in the skull who deserve to have that happen to them and people who watch WWE aren’t allowed to defend anyone like Randy because that totally sucks horribly lousy and offensively, objectionably and corruptedly!!

    • Jason Joseph

      This is one dumbass person writing all this bullshit

      • bleek

        Vince Russo probably? Haha

    • shorty

      well I happen to like the shield Daniel bryan and john Cena so don’t judge or bad mouth them if you don’t like watching them on TV chance the channel grow up
      these guys work 365 days a year and are on the road away from their families and loved ones

    • shorty

      correction if you don’t like watching the shield Daniel Bryan or John Cena then change the channel you don’t know these guys and I am sure they don’t want to know you

    • Kris Godwin

      So, I assume it’s just one moron who’s posting all these crazy-ass comments?

      • Dan Pedreyra

        YUP. It is almost never mor ethan that Kris. One of them told me a while back to “stop hating” or go to another site after one of these “news reporters” posted a pretty stupid comment and then said it was “the word in the locker room” like they got it from a performer. These guys are just fans who watch Raw and then type in what happens. MOST of their “news” is from a facebook post by a fake claiming to be a wrestler or Twitter. Most of their “stories” are 2 sentence statements that make no sense.

    • Ultimate Warrior


    • Tazz

      Thank you mr. Obvious. Any idiot can assume a shield and d bryan vs evolution and Kane match.

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