Update: Reason TNA Fired Brooke Hogan, Details On When Exactly She Was Released

Posted by Matt Boone August 17, 2013 16 Comments

As we reported earlier, Brooke Hogan has officially been released by TNA Impact Wrestling as an active performer for the company.

According to multiple sources, the Hogan release went down earlier this week, likely on Tuesday or Wednesday. As noted in the initial article, the story was making the rounds in the WWE locker room at the most recent television taping, so word has been out for a few days now within the industry.

Another report notes the split between Brooke Hogan and Impact Wrestling was an amicable one. Apparently there is no big incident that led to her release, as she was just another casualty of TNA budget cuts.

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[Credit: PWInsider.com & ProWrestling.net]

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    • Kage

      A thousand Daniel Bryan ‘Yes!’.gifs would still not be enough to convey my joy at this news.

      Yes! Yes! Yyyeeeeesssssss!!!!!!!

    • Bam Bam

      I wonder if Hulk is starting to sweat and shake in his boots now. Haven’t seen him the past 3 weeks and read the spoilers and didn’t see him on that one ither. Kinda makes me wonder.

      • 123 kid fan

        umm he does have a contract! you people need to lay off hogan! i have a friend in tna! and loves working for hogan!!

        • Ho Kogan

          So did all these other people dude. Lay off Hogan? He wasn’t saying anything negative about him, in fact what he was saying I was wondering the same myself. Get off Hogan’s jock. You’ve got a friend in tna? Cool story bro. Not.

          • 123 kid fan

            so what’s your problem

          • Chris Savage

            yea it’s Zema Ion.

        • Bam Bam

          I never said anything bad about hogan I just said if his daughter got released does that mean he could be next.

        • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

          who are you and who is your friend

    • Sammy Hill


    • Sammy Hill


      • 123 kid fan

        matt morgan was the best wrestler they had? you are joking right?

        • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

          well he is better than most of what they got there.. tna has no clue what the real direction of the company is.. they just ride the coat tails of stings popularity along with hulk and angle before his incident. They pretty much blew the companies only legit shot of being an actual competitor of WWE when they made their ring 6-sided and everyone stopped taking them seriously. Before that it was a pretty cool thing going. It was kinda like what ring of honor has now with better production value

    • The A-Team

      so a big sign for TNA now they think she’s worthless or not worth the money?

      I don’t get with TNA why try to make an hype of these new employee’s when you know they are going to leave or being released.

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Budget cuts? How low can they go? More worringly, how much were they paying her???

    • GEOCOOP60

      Well if they would get rid of all of the “old timers” who refuse to do the honarable thing & step back & let a new generation move up (initials H. H.), maybe they wouldn’t be in financial trouble!!!

      • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

        i agreee just not hulf hogans fault.. people like sting and angle need to move on they cant preform up to the standards they used to and its time for new talent to make a name

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