Update On The Rock’s WWE Status, Match-Style Being Taught In WWE

Posted by Matt Boone February 6, 2014 9 Comments

- The basic match-style that is being taught to developmental talent coming up in WWE is for the babyfaces to build towards one comeback spot, set up around their trademark moves, and ultimately finishing with a specific move that they can always use to win.

– The Rock reportedly informed WWE in August that he would not working WrestleMania XXX this year, but has not yet ruled out the possibility of doing WrestleMania 31 in 2015.

Additionally, WWE’s merchandise department were recently told not to produce any singular merchandise featuring The Rock. They noted that The Rock could be used in group shots, but nothing individual.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Undertaker316

      thats a very stupid match style wrestling fans want a match with good back and forth action

      • troll

        maybe they are trying to make a cena replacement.
        get beat up for 90% of the match
        do the 5 moves of doom.

    • Derp

      Throughout the 90’s and early early 2000’s…the WWE had Jericho, Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane and Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Triple H (in his prime), Mick Foley, Big Show, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Hogan, Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Owen Hart, and several other well established characters that were all main event level stars, new matches all the time, great stories and great matches. They had a massive show built. Then they buy WCW and have even more main event stars…DDP, Booker T, Steiner, etc. And somewhere along the line the ball was dropped. So now today (and the last decade)…they have Orton and Cena. Yet no one else to really take the spotlight because they won’t push anyone else. And they still wonder why ratings are dropping? It’s because they continue to focus on only 2 wrestlers for pretty much the whole show, and have been doing exactly that for a good portion of the last decade. They have no star power anymore. They have had incredible wrestlers get thrown into jobber matches to continue to elevate Cena, because he is making them money. Stone Cold and The Rock still made the company a shit ton of money even when they were heels.

      Seriously WWE…get with it. Your two golden boys get injured, and you’re in a world of trouble, because you won’t know who to push into the spotlight cause you’ve gotten lazy in your writing.

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        Before his current title reign, Orton didnt have a belt until 2011. He was out of the main events for years. I like seein randy back on top. But EVERYONE is just sick of cena

        • Derp

          Wasn’t Orton mostly just out of the spotlight because he and his wife just had a kid and wasn’t able to commit to a full time schedule at the time?

          I agree though. It would be best for business for Cena to (at the very least) disappear for a year or so. And none of that Cena as a GM bullshit either. Just gone. Then repackage his character when he returns so it’s not still the same old shit. 90% getting his ass handed to him, and then he busts out the 5 moves of doom out of nowhere and wins. It’s just old.

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            thats likely, him failin another drug test im sure had somethin 2 do wit it also. But as for Cena that would b too good 2 b true. They need to turn him heel. It worked wonders for wcw wit Hogan. Since WWE likes to make Cena the modern day Hogan that would also suffice

            • TitanMan

              Would be ideal for them to do it, but Cena is so over with kids and charities that turning him heel does not set well for him nor WWE. Cena could do wonders as a heel, especially with Bryan and he both dating the twins. Think about it, he gets jealous of Bryan’s success, and goes old school ass whooping on DB. Instantly he would carry so much heat, he could go back to him wearing throwbacks of rival teams in whatever city they are in. But the void left without a face Cena is so mega that you would never see him turn at current status. There is not a single person in WWE requested more than Cena for Make-A-Wish, and Cena is 150% company man. Media and heel Cena does not mix well, and there is no one else in WWE that Vince and maybe Trips trust more carrying the company MEDIA wise over Cena. Orton has been on that thin line of being fired for his drug use, destruction of private property, and other acts unbecoming of the true MAIN FACE of WWE. After Punk walking out on WWE, WWE is not going to put too many eggs in the basket of DB because he and Punk are best friends and come from the same “BREED” of wrestlers that WWE usually hates working with. The BIG NET STARS, that WWE cannot lay claim to making them, they were already made before WWE!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says no to the Rock returning anytime. He never could wrestle. He’s not entertaining or funny anymore. Hell, he has to write his promo on his arm. The Rock just takes up space for another HHH has been.

      • L-Block18

        he never could wrestle? yeah ok i usually agree with your statements but you sound stupid right now………..and the “promo” on his arm was just to try and make Cena look better give me a break

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