Update On Who Is In The Running To Buy TNA

Posted by Brad Davis November 1, 2013 6 Comments

Former WWE creative team member Court Bauer appeared on the LAW podcast this week and spoke about the parties interested in purchasing TNA, which includes Spike TV, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff and an unnamed celebrity. Here are some highlights of what Bauer said about the potential buyers:

Jeff Jarrett: “Jeff has gotten together a few individuals who could possibly fund the buying of TNA. He’s been good with getting investors in the past, see Ring Ka King and he’s one of the few guys who can find the finance for projects. We don’t know what the company is earning right now, so Jeff is trying to assess the weaknesses, how to run the business and has been on the sidelines looking in. Back when Jeff ran the company before, we hardly heard of any issues with money or payouts. Jeff is the better solution right now.”

“Dixie has no real involvement in this sale. She might at this point only be a on-air talent right now, as i’ve not heard of anything involving her backstage”

Eric Bischoff: “Eric Bischoff is another interested party. Eric and ‘his people’ would probably be in the mix to finance a move”

The Mystery Celebrity: “”The third, is someone I can’t mention by name, but this is the kind of person who does have money. It could be a step down for them, and its probably not a great company for them to marry up to. Their “Wrestling IQ” is that of someone who knows enough to be ‘dangerous’. I use the word ‘celebrity’ lightly here.”

Spike TV: “Would Spike be interested in this? That would be my choice. But you have to look at Bellator and that wasn’t a great investment. I don’t know what TNA would be worth, but lets look at what WCW went for. Speaking of which, what about Vince & WWE? It would be counter productive. What does it do for the industry? Vince isn’t in the same place, where he was with WCW. He has to be careful with what he does in Wrestling. Would he be tempted? Doubtful. None of these suitors really have the funds to go after WWE. What would they do TNA anyway? Its probably better for them to push NXT instead. Would they put it on the WWE Network Exclusively? Maybe TNA want more then WWE rate the company is worth. WWE Could be a suitor, buts its unlikely.”

“They might just keep hold of the company too for now too. They might just keep trucking along for another few years. This might happen tomorrow, or next year or never. Its all to be determined”.

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    • lol

      Jeff hands down.

    • Stunning Image #489486

      my guess for that mystery celebrity. David Arquette. just a wild guess. but, yeah, Jeff definitely should get it back.

    • Undertaker316

      jeff jarrett is the only person that can save tna

    • Simba

      My guess for the ‘celebrity’ would be between Dustin Diamond and Danny Bonaduce, seeing as they’re both known wrestling fans.

    • anthonyj

      Hopefully another billionaire that can spend the money getting the talent we want and bring back the monday night war.

    • pick a fucking name cocksucker

      The major celebrity is Erik The Ungrateful Piece Of Shit Midget.

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