Update On Ryback In The Doghouse, Backstage Fallout With Rey Mysterio

Posted by Michael Bluth November 19, 2013 6 Comments

- We’ve been reporting for several weeks now that WWE Superstar Ryback has fallen out of favor with management. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Ryback is in fact in the doghouse.

Based on what we’ve heard, company officials are not happy with Ryback’s lack of progress in the ring. His brief run with Paul Heyman was considered a flop and he’s got a long road back to the main events.

- Here is the latest installment of WWE Backstage Fallout from last night’s RAW Country:

“The WWE Divas battle in a glamorous game of musical chairs, Xavier Woods makes his Raw debut and Rey Mysterio returns!”

  • Kevin57

    just fire the big idiot he is terrible and unsafe

    • Jackson

      So was Goldberg.

      • Jobber4Cena

        And unlike Goldberg he isn’t overrated

  • cdogg7184

    looks like ryback can now lay down 4 goldberg at mania

  • The Troll Hunter

    This is exactly what wwe gets for hiring people solely based on muscles and avoiding actual pro-wrestlers!

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny thinks Ryback is a “meathead.” As Archie Bunker used to say, “meathead, dead from the neck up.” That describes Ryback to a tee.

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