Update: Sting Has Not Signed His WWE Contract Yet

Posted by Matt Boone April 12, 2014 21 Comments

Despite report to the contrary, wrestling legend Sting has not yet signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE sent Sting his contract several days ago, however, “The Icon” has yet to put pen-to-paper at this point.

WWE, since WrestleMania, has been working under the belief that Sting will be joining the company, and he has been sent his contract, but as of right now, he has yet to sign it and send it back.

(Credit: F4WOnline.com)

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    • Bam Bam

      Don’t do it Stinger it’s a trap.

    • ACredibleSourcePlease

      You know what? Fuck this. How about you just make a post when we finally see him on wwe tv. This is about as annoying as a while back when CM Punk was “returning” to that Raw in Chicago. It’s hard to believe anything on this site anymore. What’s next? “BREAKING NEWS ULTIMATE WARRIOR NOT DEAD AFTERALL!”

      • TheRealF’nDeal

        Dude, I created an account just to say Bravo!!, and the ultimate warrior line was priceless. R.I.P. James Hellwig a.k.a. The Ultimate Warrior

        • ACredibleSource

          Thanks, but I was only speaking the truth.

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        they just copy and paste off of other news sites anyway… ;)

      • Jack

        Great point. I felt just as annoyed when “Cm Punk was coming back” or supposedly in The New Orleans airport the day of wrestlemania.

      • Nocki

        Ultimate warrior Isint dead

    • Rodney Smith

      My question is unless u sent the dam contract to him how the fuck do u know any of this crock of shit u guys report. Here’s a bit of news until he signs it and announces so or shows up on the program non of u jackasses that write these colmums don’t know shit stop pretending u do. Do u work for triple h or vince or stephanie or Steve no you dnt. Here’s a tip of advice dnt talk about what u dnt know.

    • Mr. X

      I remember like 2 years ago when this site reported that Carlito, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin were all returning at that years Royal Rumble match… good journalism.

    • voodo king

      Sting is going with Jeff

    • RIPStreak

      They need to cut this rumor bullshit. It’s so fuckin annoying.

    • bleek

      Who keeps making these Vince Russo?

    • Ice

      I do believe Sting has already signed. Its all over the net and even in MTV news.

    • silverblackjack

      Typical Dave Meltzer no – credibility fanboy storyteller strikes again !!! Why anyone would read or quote or believe anything that Wrestling Observer newsletter is beyond me…I feel bad for the saps that actually subscribe to that newsletter of fairytales

    • Garry

      Next report:

      Sting hasn’t received the contract yet, it’s still in Vince’s Out-tray

    • sin caras boner


    • sting sucks

      who cares if sting signs or not he wash up and to damn old its like watching batista with face paint on I hope they don’t waste there money on this old piece of crap

    • zb

      Sting needs more time to figure out what gimmick to steal from a movie

    • Dan Pedreyra

      These clowns couldnt report rain falling on their asses without screwing it up. I only read this stuff….so I can laugh…amusement is great. You guys go to other sites to get info and those places know LESS than you do. You arent remotely credible. WWE would announce Sting’s signing to the world……it wouldnt sneak by everyone and land in your lap as breaking news. Good God. Just watch Raw and Smackdown and try to tell everyone who won…..and that’s about it. Although…..I MAY NOT believe it. and AC…that was funny.

    • biaaatch

      Update: Sting Has Not Signed His WWE Contract Yet, because his pelvic muscles won’t allow him to do the same. Fuck this site !

    • CorporateMinistry

      Major Update!!!- Sting signs and joins The Undertaker and recently signed Sid Vicious as the New Skyscrapers who will see action against the re-formed Four Horsemen at Summer Slam!!! Also, Hogan and Brutus will be the new tag team champs!

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