Update On TNA Switching Back To Six-Sided Rings, TNA Gives Up Office Space

Posted by Matt Boone May 25, 2014 7 Comments

- TNA recently asked fans via their official Facebook page whether they prefer a traditional four-sided ring, or the old six-sided rings that they used to use. It should be noted that most of TNA’s old six-sided rings have been converted to traditional four-sided rings.

– TNA recently gave up approximately 25-percent of their corporate office space they were renting in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of the space that they gave up was previously being used to store TNA merchandise, which is now being kept in a separate warehouse.

(Credit: PWInsider.com)

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    • George Flegel

      TNA should most definitely return to the six-sided ring and go back to basics. I hate what happened after Hogan and Bischoff showed up and TNA went to shit. TNA could be awesome again if they let it be.

    • PROwrestlingFAN

      TNA was suffering before Hogan and Bischoff showed up. Bringing back the six sided ring isnt going to miraculously save them from constant low ratings and money issues. The program seems to be focused more on talking and horrible backstage segments than actual wrestling. Truth be told, MVP is the new Hogan/Bischoff of TNA. The other problem is Dixie herself. Dixie loves the camera and feels the need to put herself on it way more than what she should be. Bad writing, bad booking and bad business decisions. TNA will be sold and its just a matter of time. I’m not hating on TNA and WWE is suffering as well. Cena and HHH constant burying of good talent is getting ridiculous along with the predictable outcome of matches and absurd storylines is making WWE quite boring at times. ROH has become stale and somewhat stupid as well. The wrestling business as a whole has become bland and in need of an overhaul. Just an opinion and a little rant from a wrestling fan, not a company fan boy.

      • George Flegel

        You are quite right, it’s going to take a lot to fix all the damage that has been done to TNA. They tried to take the big dog on too quickly and fucked themselves with some very costly mistakes. I agree that they need to steer away from MVP and Dixie. TNA needs to reboot it self and throw out all the trash. Bring back talents like A.J. Styles, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal and focus on the great matches they’ve delivered in the past. A little less bullshit can go a long way.

        • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

          YES!!!!! Petey fuckin Williams is a living LEGEND!! He has just as much ring talent as Daniel Bryan, tell me why do fans forget about him? I shall answer my own question, because wrestling fans (mainly WWE) are fair-weathered and only hop on so called “movements”

    • Comment if you’re dumb

      Finally they are getting themselves together. One step at a time

      • George Flegel

        Baby steps

    • Nicholas Williams

      It’s not going to make a difference, Impact Wrestling (I refuse to refer to it as TNA because this is not the same company that Jeff Jarrett founded) is a sinking ship.

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