Update On The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Opponent

Posted by Brad Davis January 6, 2014 21 Comments

With WrestleMania XXX just 3 months away, WWE has still not finalized who will be challenging the Undertaker’s streak this year. Brock Lesnar has long been the front runner to face the Dead Man, however, there is one big obstacle that might prevent the match from happening.

Not many people know this, but over the past few years, The Undertaker has rehearsed his WrestleMania matches with his opponents. Shawn Michaels, Triple H and CM Punk have all spend considerable time with the Undertaker planning out their matches in the weeks leading up to their matches at WrestleMania. Due to the nature of Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract, he is only required to travel a certain number of times per year for WWE. Training with The Undertaker to prepare for a WrestleMania match would exceed the terms of his agreement with WWE.

It’s possible WWE could negotiate with Lesnar and convince him to do what’s necessary to make The Undertaker comfortable with a match – but this is the reason John Cena and Daniel Bryan are still being considered as his possible opponents this year.

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    • Craig DeBoard

      How the hell has Lesnar been “the frontrunner” to face Undertaker? It’s a scripted television program, first of all. Secondly, even if you are choosing to suspend your disbelief, Lesnar’s character hasn’t even mentioned Undertaker and when we last saw Undertaker he was at odds with The Shield. I swear, there is nothing funnier than when dirt sheets buy their own hype. Especially the ones that just copy and paste crap from Wrestling Observer.

      • Get a Clue.

        They aren’t saying he’s the front runner as in “he’s the #1 contender a belt” – him being mentioned as the ‘front runner’ simply means that he is the most likely to challenge him.

        • Craig DeBoard

          And what exactly has given anyone the idea that he may challenge him? That’s right, nothing other than crappy internet rumors.

      • tak161

        Yeah, it just means he’s been the top choice to have the match with Taker behind the scenes. Personally, with Takers physical condition not being great, I’m not sure a match with Lesnar is the smartest thing to do. Lesnar is dangerous in the ring in the sense that he’s very physical, which doesn’t work with Takers physical limitations.

        • Craig DeBoard

          THANK YOU! I’d much rather see Taker vs. Cena or Taker vs. Sting

          Taker is too old to be going up against a guy like Brock anyways. Sting will move at the same pace, and Cena isn’t as dangerous.

      • sdgsdg

        they slowly but surely disband the shield, so they won’t mentioned that the last time taker was on tv the shield manhandled him. so storylinewise, as every other of the past years, taker could work with anyone he wants to. for instance take last year when they “rushed” into a match with punk…

        • Craig DeBoard

          Well, considering you’re wrong, and The Shield hasn’t been dismantled…

          • Chris_Is_Awesome

            yeah my bad 3 weeks later they’re still together, moron, look at the way they book reigns and you will realize they’ll be split rather sooner than later

      • Bulkster

        This match has been teased since Taker and Brock crossed passed at a UFC fight Brock loss. This has been a potential match for years.

        • Craig DeBoard

          It hasn’t been “teased”. Undertaker was at an event (as he happens to enjoy MMA events and attends them regularly) and gave Brock the staredown, likely on orders from Vince, to hope to ignite something. And it was a failure. Brock continued to stay in UFC for a few years after that. There was no “tease”. Once again, dirtsheets made something out of nothing.

          • Bulkster

            Thats how Vince teases things. Like Wrestlemania X8 was supposed to Hogan vs Austin. Vince had Hogan shoot a promo to tease the match before Stone Cold even got on board. Stone Cold never got on board as you know, and Hogan was put with the Rock. As I said, this match has been teased for years.

    • Andrew Padin

      Jesus Christ! Please whatever you do, don’t let it be Cena.

      • Yay

        It will be a cool match tough.

        • Not Chris Jericho

          Yes but you don’t want Cena ending the Streak do you? If Cena MUST face Taker, then it should be Summerslam or one of the other big PPVs. Cena going against Taker at Mania is too uncertain of who would win. You think it would be Taker cause really, who’s going to beat the streak. But theres that little voice saying “Shit, they’re going to give Cena enough title reigns to outreach Ric Flair one day…they might be stupid enough to give him the streak too!”

    • sdgsdg

      that’s basically the ish you’ve posted 2 weeks ago

    • Kris Godwin

      If not Lesnar, than I hope it’s Daniel Bryan. Hell, the Wyatt Family storyline would fit into it.

      Just think about it. WWE could possibly create some sort of back-story linking Wyatt with Undertaker (which would also fit the ‘Kane abduction’ angle at SS). Daniel Bryan – his will crushed by the WWE ‘machine’ – is ‘chosen’ by Undertaker as his WM opponent, because the Deadman wants to ‘save’ Bryan from the Wyatts; whilst also reminding him that he really is a worthy competitor for the WWE Championship (as well as being the ‘face’ of the WWE). And the only way Undertaker can show Daniel Bryan the ‘light’ is to face him at WM.

      Oh, who am I kidding. WWE wouldn’t do that in a million years…

    • Not Chris Jericho

      The only up side of it being Cena is that a Taker match would finally close WrestleMania (like it should have the past 5 years). The downside is they might let Cena end the streak.
      The upside of Daniel Bryan is, well, Daniel Bryan. Lesnar shouldn’t be allowed in the ring with Taker. His recent physical style could seriously injure an already ailing Taker. They need to give someone a good rub in this match, and that someone should be Dolph Ziggler. He’d make a good match, and make Taker look good in his condition. With nobody really believing Dolph could end the streak, a 2 out of 3 falls match would be a great angle. “No one has beaten Taker at Mania, but I’ll be the first to pin him!” Of course, Zigs would lose both falls, but it would make for a perfect spectacle.
      As for Daniel Bryan and Lesnar, they should face each other.

      • Craig DeBoard

        In theory that works but in reality look at the phenomenal match Punk and Taker had and afterwards Punk hasn’t been in a title match in over a year.

    • steve

      let it be a real heel! Cena and bryan are not worthy of the deadman! Not this year anyway!

    • RNK

      Shield vs Taker is an option imo!

      • Craig DeBoard

        Agreed. Him taking out all 3 at Mania would be huge.

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