Update: WWE Coming Up With Concepts For Potential Sting Debut

Posted by Matt Boone January 23, 2014 6 Comments

As noted earlier today, wrestling legend Sting is expected by many within WWE to finally sign a contract and work with the company for the first time in his career.

While Sting may not have officially signed a contract yet, the talk within WWE is said to be stronger at this point than ever in the past. In fact, there has been talk recently about concepts using the phrase “A Man Called Sting,” which basically means they are already looking at possible creative ideas if and when Sting would enter the fold.

(Credit: F4WOnline.com)

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    • Jimmy Struthers

      Wow, wow, wow! If the stars align and the Taker vs. Sting match actually happens at WM 30, it has the potential to be an epic, epic Wrestlemania! Could end up bigger than almost all the other matches on the card! ::Crosses Fingers::

      • L.M.

        Yeah, it would finally be something to look forward too. Would certainly beat the lame Batista return for sure.

    • James

      Hopefully Its (Crow) Sting Vs The Undertaker

    • Spencer Elliott

      I dunno, it might be a shitty match. How long have they got to prep?
      Sting misses spots all the time these days.
      It would if been better 15 years ago.
      If it happens though, I’ll be watching!

    • JShadz

      Good idea and all but Father Time has taken it’s toll on both Sting and Taker. What plays a big factor is Taker needing to had select his opponents and go through extensive preping just to make he match seem entertaining. He’s not as healthy as it seems. So I myself can’t see Taker vs. Sting as match of the century not even of the year. Maybe 10 years ago but not in 2014 I don’t. Will be interesting what they decide to do with Sting

    • wlouden77

      Sting vs. Taker would not be a great match wrestling wise, however, it would make a ton of money, especially if done right. Have Sting and Taker both be mystery participants in the Rumble and have 1 of them eliminate the other or Sting show up and cost Taker the Rumble when it seemed like he was going to win.

      There is concern about their health so perhaps others could be worked in to help take the load off of them via a tag match.

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