Update On WWE Positioning Roman Reigns As A Future Main Eventer

Posted by Brad Davis July 10, 2014 13 Comments

It’s no secret that former Shield member Roman Reigns is being groomed to be the eventual “Face of WWE.”

WWE is currently plotting Reigns’ rise to the top of the mountain, with Daniel Bryan’s current hiatus playing a factor. While Reigns is still being protected and is being built up slowly, his push is now being accelerated faster than originally planned.

Following the recent breakup of The Shield, Reigns will continue working with former Evolution members Randy Orton and TripleH. As we reported last month, Reigns is scheduled to face Randy Orton at SummerSlam before moving on to a program with Triple H.

It’s possible we’ll see Reigns feud with Seth Rollins this fall and he’s already an early favorite to win the 2015 Royal Rumble.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Nicholas Williams

      Between now and the rumble so many things can change so I wouldnt count on anything being set in stone right now. But I would have him in the mid card title picture right now (too late for that) just to help make those titles mean something again. With his momentum it would be great for him to have a championship run, but WWE still needs to hold off on making newer wrestlers their top champions. It would be awesome to have Reigns as the next WWE Intercontinental Champion.

      • Avey

        I can’t wait until WWE SummerSlam’s pay-per-view. Could turn out to be quite promising, indeed.

    • Q9V

      I’d honestly like to see Reigns take the IC championship sometime around December then go on to win the Royal Rumble. Then they could rehash Hogan/Warrior and have the IC champion (Reigns) face the WWE champion (most likely Lesnar) with both belts on the line.

    • Smark

      I really like Reigns. Intense. Jacked. Great Samoan Tats. Piercing Blue Eyes. I’m just starting to get that Cena/Orton apprehensive feeling… WWE, please do this push right.

      • SJ

        I’d rather see Orton go back to the steely, intense blue eyes, clean shaven and being a badass….but, nnooooooooooooo. Damn fools only want Orton having to behave like a goddamned jobber!
        That sucks!
        WWE isn’t allowed to do Orton’s push right just yet….

        • Smark

          Shut up with the clean-shaven already, you lazy-eyed psycho.

          • Trina

            Orton not being clean shaven and being the Viper sucks!

    • Franchise69

      As long as Reigns isn’t in the ring with Jack Swagger, everything should be fine.

    • save_us.y2k

      Get this guy A LOT of mic work before you push him big. Hes had some good matches but as soon as he starts talking I feel sorry for him.

      • ewad

        I agree – too bad Paul Heyman isn’t really a face type of manager. Brock Lesnar made it far and stayed at the top because of Heyman.

      • Guest

        He’s not that terrible.

    • Trailblazer Ryan

      Hope Reigns does win royal rumble 2015 and win the wwe world heavyweight title at wrestlemania 31

      • Miska

        Orton not being the clean shaven viper like he used to be sucks!

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