Update On WWE Possibly Extending CM Punk’s Contract

Posted by Brad Davis July 13, 2014 15 Comments

With CM Punk’s WWE contract expiring soon, there has been talk that WWE might exercise their right to extend their deal, due to Punk leaving the company several months early.

The latest on this situation is that WWE won’t be forcing a contract extension, since it’s not really in anybody’s best interest.

WWE did exercise this right with Rey Mysterio’s contract earlier this year, since he was out of action for so long while still under contract.

CM Punk owns the rights to his ring name and already has appearances lined up using the CM Punk name after his WWE contract expires. As noted earlier this week, Punk will serve as the red carpet host at the coming AP Music Awards on July 21st.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

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    • David

      Would love for the WWE to do this. Punk being a whiney bitch needs to know his actions have repercussions. Yes, I’d love for him to come back some day, but he has to realise the way he’s acted has been highly unprofessional. Go on Vince, extend that contract!

      • save_us.y2k

        i keep seeing this but i dont see how he’s being a whiney bitch.he hated being somewhere so he quietly left. yeah…..what a tool.

        • David

          He walked out on a job that he was contracted to do? He could have at least given the fans a chance to say goodbye to him. In life you’re always going to have to endure things you don’t like. Except Punk thinks that’s above him and rules don’t apply to him. If the WWE wanted they could take him to court, he has in essence broken the law here let’s not forget.

          • Darnell Massaline Lincoln

            In life you also have to know when enough is enough, put your foot down and do what you gotta do, regardless of how others feel. CM Punk did what many wouldn’t have had the guts to do, he let his displeasure be known to management. When their reply was the same old crap and completely ignored him he did what any real man who stands by his beliefs and opinions would do: Leave. If you’re a fan it’s understandable to be saddened by his departure, but as a fellow MAN with an ability to stand, speak, and act on what you believe in you have to respect him. If WWE’s idea of getting one over him is to extend his contract to prevent him from working anywhere else (which is laughable considering TNA’s status), then they’re just being idiotic. Punk could possibly not give a damn if they extended his contract; just more money for him to soak up while he’s sitting at home.

          • Nicholas Williams

            Why would he want his fans to say goodbye, just because he quit the WWE doesn’t mean he’s retired from professional wrestling. If his fans want to see him they will be able to when his WWE contract expires. Then he will be able to take bookings for wrestling appearances. So CM Punk will still be wrestling but now you will get to see him at a much cheaper price then WWE tickets.

            • Guest

              Yeah I still don’t see anybody giving a damn about Ring Of Honor or Dragongate USA just because Punk decided to take his talent and primadonna tendencies there.

            • Nicholas Williams

              Where ever he goes the ratings will go up.

    • Joseph James

      I don’t think Phil is coming back, he’s 35 years old, already accomplished everything he could’ve in wrestling ROH, ECW, etc.

      • BITW

        Well he hasn’t accomplished the one thing he’s wanted to do the most, and that’s main-eventing a Wrestlemania.

        Stone Cold vs CM Punk for WM 31!

        • derp

          That there my friend would shatter buy rates. Scsa and punk , easily over 2 mil

      • Joe James the douchebag

        Your a douche for calling him Phil. He wrestles as CM Punk so don’t be a tool and address him by his real name.

        • Joseph James

          Nice username, you come up with that all by yourself

    • Q9V

      Bring him back at Night of Champions (they’re already stacking that show to help get more re-subscriptions for the Network) and make him do the job he was supposed to do at WrestleMania.

    • bluebook

      CM PUNK should found his own wrestling organization. Straight Edge Wrestling!

    • Leah

      He left because we wouldn’t give him the time to recover from his injuries. That’s why he left he will come back when his injuries are better!

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