Update On WWE Unifying I-C & U.S. Titles, The Miz’s Future Opponents & More

Posted by Matt Boone July 21, 2014 12 Comments

It appears that the working plan right now is for The Miz and Sheamus to feud in a program that will build to a unification of the Intercontinental and United States Championships, much like Randy Orton and John Cena did with the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships last year.

As noted earlier today, after Miz’s program with Sheamus, which is expected to last past SummerSlam, the man with the “Money Maker” is then set to work a program with Dolph Ziggler.

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(Credit: F4WOnline.com)

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    • Kyle James Larson

      Ziggler deserves to fued with someone better than that piece of trash miz.

      • Q9V

        They’re using Ziggler to his best potential right now, which is making other priority stars look better. His selling is amazing, that’s why he works so well in that role.

    • Brian

      I hate this idea. I mean, they might as well just cut Smackdown completely and go to one show again if they are going to unify every major title.

      • josh

        I agree, of course raw is flagship show, and top guys can appear on smackdown. But smackdown seems pointless now more then ever!
        I liked the days where both shows had major titles, and separate rosters, smackdown actually was okay, now it’s just sorta boring.
        Now these days I record it and “skim” through 80 percent or more of the show. And basically just watch raw, even though 3 or 4 matches usually suck too. Such as Bo Dallas matches. Lol

        • Brian

          Completely agree. Except, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even bother to watch Smackdown anymore, and just catch the highlights here, or on wwe.com. I mean, they’ve made the show that worthless. I too remember the days when Smackdown was pretty much my thing on Friday nights. I can still remember, I got back into wrestling by deciding to watch the Steel Cage match between Batista and Taker in 07, where Mark Henry put on a post match beatdown, and Edge cashed in his MiTB contract. Those were the type of shows that made me enjoy WWE again. Now it’s literally just filler material, and a place where WWE can give work to all of the jobbers on the roster.

          • Yawn

            In other words reintroduce the Brand Extension but remember WWE did this from 1999-2002 and it was still a success

            • Brian

              I’m not saying they can’t have success with it, I’m just saying I’m not a big fan of it. Particularly not in the format they have right now with Smackdown literally being nothing more than filler each week.

      • ultra troll

        yeah, i agree. fuck title unifications. “the less titles there are, the more they are worth”? well they’re not worth it if the same guys keep holding them over and over again.

        • Brian

          Exactly this. Honestly, WWE has done this to themselves. They haven’t developed another top flight talent, so they couldn’t consistently deliver high quality main events with both major titles. I can’t remember the number of times that one of the two major title matches was just TERRIBLE.

          And the tier two titles haven’t been much better. Before BNB, the IC title had pretty much become a joke for an extended period of time, and I can’t remember the last guy who held the US title, and actually made me care about the rivalry surrounding it.

          Ultimately, WWE has done this to themselves, and now they are in damage control mode. And unfortunately, that means they cut out things that have historical significance, which really sucks.

    • Matt Rayfield

      With this Unification crap they may as well shut Smackdown off and shut WWE Main Event off and replace them with the crappier NXT Show that actually has Titles to defend on it. Smackdown use to be a brand of it’s own and that is long gone now, so just shut it down. With this news I can say WWE has lost my Smackdown views. It will be WWE Raw, TNA, ROH, and GFW when it starts next year.

      • Brian

        The NXT specials haven’t been terrible, but the weekly show IMO has been pathetic. I usually can’t get through a single match on NXT without turning it off and moving on to something much more entertaining. WWE just needs to get their shit together, and figure out where they are going with all of this. Either make it one big show with Raw like it used to be, or allow Smackdown and Raw to be their own things. That doesn’t mean their can’t be interactions, but what they have right now just doesn’t work. Like I said above, I probably haven’t watched an episode of Smackdown in 2+ years.

        • Matt Rayfield

          My whole point is they are using unification on things that don’t need changing. They are ruining Smackdown 1 unification at a time. Also I mean by crappier NXT Show is that they don’t need a Rookie Wrestling Show when they can just promote the next biggest talent to WWE’s Raw or Smackdown TV Shows and have Title belts for both shows and make it like it use to be with new Storylines and new characters. That is what I mean by what they are doing right now just don’t work. They are going down a dangerous road with this, Remember the Story of the WWE being in the state of possibly being sold here. You know why that rumor is floating around? Easy, like what you and I have said that what they have is not working. TNA as crappy as it might sound to you, is at least trying different things to bring fans in and trying to bring things back that the fans want too. The 6 Sided Ring comes to my mind here. Not saying the WWE needs one, I just mean they need to see where the flaws are like the fans are doing and try to fix them plain and simple.

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